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Given the choice between Graffiti and field paint, I'll take Graffiti any day. I've never had a problem with it and it works great with guns like my PGP since it tends to run larger.

But back on topic.

When it comes to Mags & Cockers, I have several of each. I've had my Cocker since '99 and I've gotten into Mags only within the past few years. Frankly, I like them both. Each has its own charm and they're different enough to justify owning both. This rivalry has been going on for decades and I've come to the conclusion that it really doesn't matter. They're all fun to shoot in their own ways.
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Originally Posted by Prepaid Lenin View Post
Pumpmags>Snipers > Automags > Cockers
feedback here -
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Okay smart guys. Where does that leave pneumags then? They're part Automag & part Autococker. Are they the best of both worlds or are they an unholy abomination?
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I owned a lot of cockers over the years and only one ever failed me at the field. I used to enjoy teching them and getting them fine tuned in advance of games.

I had a few mags (and continue to tech a friends Tac One) and while I thought the simplicity was cool (and the response trigger fun to shoot) they never became my favorites.

Today I prefer to just pick up my guns and play. If I didn't have my team Etek, I'd follow Chappy's route and go with a nice solid blowback (and may yet still pick up one just for the fun of it).

Overall I prefer my Phantom to any other paintball gun, past or present.
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Originally Posted by SD.Pump View Post
Graffiti is trash.
Agreed, but I do like me some Redemption! That stuff is amazing!

Back on track, I'm a mag guy, through and through. However, my progression in my paintball lineage has been Spyder, Sniper, Automags, Sheridans, Pistols. To this day (when I actually get to go play) I will use my Tac One, but I loved my sniper when I had it. A bajillion times easier to deal with without the pneus, but when I tried a pump mag I HATED it, with a fiery passion.

So for me, it is a cocker based pump, or an automag for every other scenario, given the two choices in the thread. I haven't owned a sniper for a while, but the mags have stayed around for a long, long time.

I think it is all personal preference though.
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Originally Posted by DashHopes View Post
Welcome back buddy! And GanonsGrin is your brother? He is the devil
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Both are addictive and can kill your wallet.
For now im in the cocker world. Shot "feels" better to me.
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I just love the way a well timed AutoCocker sounds. Both platforms can have its quarks tuned out of them at this point. Both can be made reliable only one has that signature sound.
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Originally Posted by keiko_819 View Post
Never used one
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I know I'm going to veer this thread a little off course, but. . .

For the guys saying they will take a blowback over either automag or autococker, what would you call a great blowback and why?

I started playing with a tippmann 98c for a few years and did pretty well with it, the worst failure I remember being when the feedneck fell apart on it during a scenario and kind of killed my day of play while I did my best with some black tape to make something that worked. Note I was also shooting CO2 at the time.

Shortly after that scenario game, the team I had just joined lured me to the automag and I got an HPA tank so I could play decently in the winter. I like the size and shot of the automag, and love that it takes about fifteen minutes to completely tear down, clean, and reassemble the gun (I used to dread stripping down my 98c for cleaning). The trigger isn't BAD per se, but I just can't - years later - get the same zen going shooting the mag that I could get with the 98c.

I have had chances to shoot some really nice autocockers (full disclosure: I've never owned one), and I think from feedback from others that I seem to get a hinge trigger rolling more nicely than a slider. I just couldn't get myself to get back on the train of all the little mechanical bits and baubles and back to the maintenance cycle like the 98c had (I know it doesn't have to be that bad, but I'm a little OCD on gun maintenance). I've also seen enough stories play out of tinkering gone wrong on game day, that again I have to give the nod to the mindless go-out-and-play simplicity of a L7 automag.

Sorry for the long-ish read, but when folks started talking about preferring a nice blowback, it just got me wondering what that really means. Thanks!
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