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Autocockers Vs Automags

Do you follow the simplicity of an "Automag"


Do you like sound of a well timed Machine "Autococker"

I don't follow the belief that either are a good fit for a new player with limited knowledge of paintball markers..

What are your thoughts?

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I prefer the simple reliability of my blowbacks over both of those, so I'll just step away...

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Warning! Warning! Cocker vs. Mag thread detected.
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Nelsons of course.

I don't much care between those two as long as it works but I will say that Mags seem to like me better than cockers do.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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all of the above.
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I've always likened 'Cockers to a Holley carburetor. They're great when they're right, but if you're using it, you're tuning it. That said, aside from my tendency to short-stroke the 2k I used to have, I like them, and plan to own another one day.
I currently own a half-dozen Mags, though, and it takes 15 minutes to completely re-seal them, no timing required. Easier for me to mod them, too.
The beauty of the Automag is that when you get it set up just how you want it, you discover that you have enough leftover parts to build 2 loaners.

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I currently own both, and love both. That said, I'll be keeping my autocockers and likely sell my automag.Cockers are just more fun to shoot, IMO. They are really reliable once set up right, and typically weigh less.

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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I like anything that is accurate. I don't care about efficiency, looks, blah blah whatever as long as I can get it shooting super accurate. That is very easy to do with snipers/cockers. I've only had one mag, a minimag. It shot very nice, but the accuracy was absolutely horrible. And I was using graffiti, so I can't blame the paint. I'm not to keen on just throwing an adapter in, as most reviews I read say they wobble a lot, so not exactly what I'm looking for in precision. I u uderstsnd that the wobble is needed though so the twist lock function will work. I still want to try more mags and see if I can find one I like.
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I've had both. Both are great guns. I will say this, I never had a had a problem with a mag on gameday.
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Snipers > Automags > Cockers
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