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Whiskey Two Four delays?

I've been waiting almost five months for my TPX holsters, and I can't seem to get a hold of anyone...

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CCM Fan too. Not as long as you but I have called and emailed and haven't heard anything back. I am afraid that WTF is now really WTF. I suggest to anyone looking to order from them to go somewhere else, hate to but they can't be relied on.
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I have both a chest rig and a gauntlet. Absolutely love both, best soft goods I own bar none. That being said, I waited about half a year to get the chest rig. And even then I had to call pretty frequently in order to make progress. Don't bother with email. The gauntlet was significantly faster but it was also an in stock item. I don't particularly recommend them to folks especially if it's something you need now. If it's something you can wait for its worth the wait imo
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i have had my gauntlet just under 2 years now i think... i love the thing it is the only time i ordered from WTF and if i recall it took me 4-5 months to get it in.
i was getting very frustrated with the delays.

once i got it in i was so happy with it i did not bash the company and im sure im not alone in this.... it is kinda a well known thing that you are going to get a rather lengthy delay when ordering from WTF.

is it worth the wait... i think so because the product is that good... but i do think its total crap that emails and calls are ignored and that some kind of rough timeline can not be given to customers
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I don't mind the long waits (I think they should advertise that better, though), but when I ordered some stuff from them, they were dishonest with me on one order, and the second was just a train wreck.

Order 1: Gauntlet and stock class molle panel. After about 3 months, I called them to see if I could get an update. Got told it was in QC, should get a shipping confirmation and tracking within five business days. A few months go by with nothing, and I move to a different house. So I called again to update my address, and I was told, "Wow great luck that you called today, I was just about to print off your shipping label, it should be out by the end of the week" (I think I called on a tues or weds.). Sounds good. Two months later, I get my package. It was shipped more than a month after he told me that he was printing out the label as we spoke, and it was still sent to the wrong address. Between 7 and 8 months total wait time.

Order 2: Placed an order for some mag fed stuff (about $300) that was listed as in stock. The site plainly said that they try to ship in stock items the next day. Called back after hearing NOTHING for over a month, and asked for a refund. I got told that the accounting person only comes in on some specific days, so it would be almost a week before they could process, but then it should be that day since I paid with paypal. no problem. he copied me on the email to the person who handles the refunds, so I had their contact info. I asked what happened with filling the order, and was told "I dunno, it looks like we just missed it". Fast forward another 3 weeks, no refund. I emailed the refund person directly a few times over a week or so, no response or communication, then my refund just showed up.

I love their gear, and I hope the restructuring or whatever they are doing improves their CS and order processing, but I will never order anything from them again.
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that is all really disappointing to hear. I bought a gauntlet years ago and it is a stock class staple whenever I pull out a phantom, I cant remember what the turn around time was for it. I've been mostly using my TiPX these days and have been stalking the WTF site as I've wanted to order another gauntlet for carrying some extra zeta mags but their site seems like it hasn't been updated in a long time and I don't want to put money down to order something when their site feels like a ghost town. I have similar dilemmas when ordering from ASP as I know its not his day job but at least with HaveBlue you can email him first and he usually gets back to you within a weeks time, I've considered emailing WTF but by the sounds of things its not the most reliable option.

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I'm in the same boat as Jason. I'll hit the five month mark in a week and still nothing. I spoke with them a couple times before ordering the stock class harness. Both times I asked what's the turn around and both time they said it takes a couple months but its usually around 8-10 weeks. I'm not bashing the product. But like everyone else there CS is terrible, I got a response to one of my emails. I the email they were apologetic for the long wait time, and at the same time told me they did tell me it take time to make and everyone has to wait cause they are filling orders as fast as they can. The part that rubbed me wrong was they said they are happy to refund those who can not wait for their quality products and it wont effect them to give a refund. Come on, that's not a way to talk to someone who you already excepted money from. Well that was a bit long, so I'll end my gripe. Hope we all get a orders soon.
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Yeah, great products, but I can't imaging why the other aspects are so slow and/or sloppy. I have a Puller I really like, some stock class panels, but I don't plan to order anything else from them.
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The bad customer service is result of too many balls in the air at once. WTF is the side business of Haynes Research, Ryan is friends with local ballers and was a sponsor of a former team I was on.

Yes, Ryan has great products he definitely fills a gap in the market. WTF has always been a bit hit or miss on communication, lead times, and customer service. Do I mind waiting, no not at all. In the seven years I have been buying stuff from WTF I would always say the products are well made and worth the cost. However if I was to recommend them, I cannot, due to the miserable customer experience I don't want people to have to go through. Ryan is a great guy (he also goes by Darthmoo on MCB) and he tries to do good by his customers as best he can.

Oh and I looked at my order I have been waiting for 7 months, ordered two stock class shingles back in January (TBH I have been emailing and calling them since Feb.). My order was recently (last month) updated as processing.....
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I just called and spoke with them about a radias stock class guantlet and he said they ship right away when listed in stock. One pattern listed as "in stock" but when I tried to add it it said "out of stock" now I read this thread and glad my order didn't go through.... really wish I could get one.
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