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Embarrassing paintball related fact about yourself?

I only have 3 "speed dials" programmed on my phone. 1st is my wife, second my best bud, and third..... CCI

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Post Whore
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Thats not to bad.

I spend more time talking on my phone with people in the paintball industry then I do talking to my wife on my phone.

Ive been known to keep my Bluetooth earbud in while playing. It's interesting when players think you're talking to yourself.
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My local paintball shop knew my mom by name, and my mom knew all the staff, despite never having been there. My dad and I spent so much time there she'd call and tell us to come home.
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President Ragnastock
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A long time ago on a field far, far away...spent the better part of a game amazed by my seemingly endless hopper and beefy sounding shots. Later realized my feedneck was clogged by one of those silica packs.
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I lose sleep wondering if it's better to have a wall full of loaners or to sell everything off and put it towards 1-2 nice ones and enough spare parts to keep them alive longer than myself.
Originally Posted by GauchoRockero
I see you on every phantom related thread

Things I would like to purchase with American dollars:
1: Dragon barrel plugs!

I moved across the country, if you live in Louisiana hit me up!
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Just ****ing confused
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photos I have posted here, and videos, and pretty much every time I was at EMR...
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Has too much crap
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In the outlaw group I play with, im the only person who has ever owned more than one gun and the only person to show up with a gun costing more than a hundred bucks.

But it is common knowledge I am the worst player in our group, and I'm usually last pick.
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I would sleep with my gun at the motels I'd stay in while playing tournaments.
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I have owned more autocockers than automata.

“The punishment of every disordered mind is its own disorder.”
― Augustine of Hippo
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I honestly have no idea how many guns I currently own.
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