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as I am from the place of the extremely priced paint (140$ a case for a member at 50% discount), there is very few people giving away paint...

but i've given a tube at a couple guys asking for it... just to laugh my *** off when they see it and answer me: "what the hell am i gonna do with 10 shots? i have an electro!"

the best "loaning paint" was when I loaned my hammer 7 and a spare mag to a guy whose LV1 was not working, he shot like 3 balls and told me he would replace them... I laughed and told him not to bother ^_^
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Karma, I will gladly give paint out to rental kids that run out during open play or a big game. It doesn't me cost much to be decent, and who knows they might pass it on some day.
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I have no issue *loaning* paint to people. I expect they will refill the pod before the next game, though. I am rarely disappointed, and many times I tell people to not worry about returning the paint.


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If someone asks me to give them paint, I shoot them in the foot.

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I do not think twice about giving away paint on or off the field. When at the field, I want to be someone that enhances the fun of others.

On the field, I would rather give away 200 rounds and improve everyone's fun than have a player walk off the field out of paint.

Off the field, I try to give any spare paint to young rentals. I can afford to give away free paint and it can really enhance a young kids day. The smile is totally worth it.
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A guy shooting an electro asked me for paint one time, before he noticed that I was playing stick feed.

I reached down for a tube of 10 rounds, but he shook his head and waved me off.

He looked around for someone wearing a pod pack and asked them instead.
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All good points. I've given paint away in the staging area but I can't say I've ever been hit up for paint during a game other than within a group of guys I used to play with. I'm sure I'd do it again as long as the person went about it the right way (actually ASK instead of running up with his hopper open yelling "gimme some bullets!")

P.S. .........I FARTED ON THE MEAT!!
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I think it's all about the situation, the person, etc. I'd err on the side of being generous to a certain extent.

My first experience of someone asking for paint was very similar to the OP's story. A teenage kid with a loaner came up asking for hand-outs. I was a little annoyed at first and didn't giving him any because I was down to my last bag myself, but thinking back, I wish I had. I don't think he was being especially rude. It was just his first time and he didn't know how much he'd shoot, what to expect, etc. So he didn't bring enough money. And since he was a teenager who probably lives off his allowance and whatever his parents give him, his default mode was to ask for what he needed. I mean, if he's going to a movie Friday night, he probably asks his parents for spending money. So if he runs out of paint, he's going to fall back into that habit. Maybe not the best habit in the long term, but he's just a kid. He'll grow out of it.
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If I have extra to spare I typically will, usually is either a fifty round pod or lately a ten round tube. Granted, like most of you have experienced, when I am running stick fed only people usually don't ask since they think I don't have enough to spare; played a day with 120 rounds once and went home with fifty.

I figure karma has a way of evening things out, I give when I can and usually receive in times on need without asking. It is really nice to hear a month later the, "Thanks man for the paint that one time, here you go."
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If I am in a good battle and anyone around me says they are running out I'm more than happy to donate. I usually bring home a few hundred balls anyway and there have been a couple times where others have done it for me. A tube of paints costs a couple bucks. It's not going to break me and it's worth it to make sure everyone on the field is having fun.

Now if it were the same person asking each time, I might have a problem with that.
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