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the nicest of the damned
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Thoughts on giving paint...

So the last time I played I had another player ask me to give him some paint in the middle of a game. I don't know about anyone else but when I play I only buy 1000 rounds & try my best to make it last. This guy was a renter & didn't seem to have played much if any at all before that day. I gave him som paint (maybe 50 rounds which is a lot when you're trying to stay under 1000). It was a bit irritating & I did make a point before the next game to encourag people to do their best to make their paint last. Just curious what others would do or have done in the same situation. Also, this was not a little kid. I'd guesstimate him to be 15 or 16.

P.S. .........I FARTED ON THE MEAT!!
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It rarely comes up, but I'll usually give people paint if I have plenty and they ask. I'm usually playing with 50 round pods, so it's not a lot of paint.

I do remember this one guy that was all dressed up in his matching outfit and shooting an axe. He asked me for some paint and it immediately broke in his breech/hopper. That's what he gets for not carrying enough paint and then asking a pump player for paint... Lol

Edit: I have no problem ignoring people who ask though. It's their own fault for not bringing enough paint.
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Its only been 8 years
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I feel that this is completely situational. If you are dressed to the 9s and running with an expensive marker then I am probably not going to give you paint. If you are a renter and I can tell that this is your first time or one of your first times playing, I'll give you some to keep you in. I believe that we are the ambassadors of the sport. I try and be as nice and generous as can be without screwing myself over.

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Bacci would know, can't remember how to summon him on this forum though, arrange some number six power tubes in a circle, sprinkle with gold cup and say his name three times maybe.
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I don't mind doing it as long as I get my 10 round tube back unbroken and with the cap. The face they make when they catch it is the best. Make em count!

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Ol' Cheatin' Jonny
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I loan paint mid game, but I expect reimbursement next game. Exceptions made for younglings.
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Last time I was asked for some paint I was playing pump, so I handed the guy a 10 rnd tube. He looked so confused, it was priceless
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I play hopperball if I'm playing with pump and there have been a times when I shot more than I expected and asked a buddy for a pod. I always give back more than I borrowed right after the game and never from someone I didn't go to a field to play with. But yes, I have been that person but I have also loaned out paint on the field. The way I look at it, what goes around comes around and I want paint going the opposite direction...
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The only times I have had people ask for paint is during scenarios, when keeping people in the fight at a certain objective, etc., might actually matter to the outcome of the game. Normally people are nice about it, or mention that they are out, and if I can spare some, I offer. I honestly don't think I have ever had it come up in regular rec ball unless it was someone I already knew well, and if that's the case, we are usually in the same place in the staging area and it all gets worked out.

I have never encountered a situation where someone I gave paint to was rude or brushed it off, in fact it's usually the opposite, and they make a point to do something nice in return at some point.
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like the bumper sticker says: ***, gas, or grass no one gets paintballs for free!

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Chuck E Ducky
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lol I have filled my 10 rounders mid game from a 140 round pod. "Hay can I get like 50 paintballs" pod gets thrown at me.

I usually will give some paint up if people ask and I have it. Especially a team member, friend, or new player. I don't carry a lot most of the time.

Only Exception is that guy all speedballed up that shoots threw the 7pods of white box on his back then wants my paint "nah staging areas over there".

At the end of my day I usually give my leftover paint to one of the rentals or "Birthday kids" playing at the field. Always makes there day and playing Stock Class I prefer the freshest paint. I hate using opend bags after they have been sitting. So I give it away.

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