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caplucky 08-24-2006 03:39 PM

Raven masks
Anyone have any experience with the newer Raven mask?
I have been curious about them for awhile after seeing a pair in K-mart the other day and inspecting them out of the box. They seem very form fitting and alot smaller than I thought they were.
I will be in the market for a new goggle system probably by end of summer and I am leaning towards a Echo w/fan or maybe one of these.
I just don't know anyone who owns or uses one.

Deadfall 08-25-2006 12:01 AM

They look like they use the same lens and frame as the old Raven NVX goggles, which I used for years until recently. The lens has good clarity and periferal vision and they never fogged-up on me. Unfortunately, it seems like they have ceased production on the auto-tinting lenses, which always worked quite well for me. I never understood why they didn't catch on. The standard thermal lenses can still be found, but from what I've found, most places just seem to be clearing out old stock. Kingman just doesn't seem to show much support for their goggles anymore. I miss the old, independently-owned Raven. . .

Sorry, back on topic: I can't comment on the rest of the mask, but I bet it's decent. I wouldn't recommend them, though; you'll probably end up having to buy a whole new mask by the time you need to replace the lens anyway.

I've heard mixed things about the Echo's. I tried a set on briefly and they seemed pretty comfy and I didn't notice anything bad about the lens clarity. But I've also heard that the fan isn't all that great. I've always liked the uncomplicated look of the Echo's and felt that they are one of the few masks that doesn't look silly with the visor installed.

Cunha 08-25-2006 01:45 AM

I dont really reccomend either. Echo's have proven to be kinda sub par, the fan has been called kind of useless. Ravens are just going away and unless someone starts caring about the goggle line, I wouldnt mess with one. I didnt give either of these a try so I dont have personal experience, id just reccomend leaning away from them, and towads one of the masks below.

A V force mask with the large sized lense ..specifically any that is NOT an Armor or Vantage
A Vents masks of any kind
And a JT mask with a Spectra lense <Flex 7, Proflex, Spectra..others not so much>

Il be happy to answer your questions about these masks as I owned tons of masks and wasted lots of time to find a mask that was comfortable..which is the only feature that matters.

BigOldSkool 08-25-2006 01:55 AM

Scare me...

The lense sits about half an inch away from your eyes and from what Ive seen locally are prone to cracking....

I see more of them being thrown out at the field I work for that you would ever expect..

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