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My Ego 7. Feed it air and paint, fire it about 20 times or so before hitting the chrono because the (cp) reg tends to stick after it's been sitting, and then feed it a new battery every 2 years or so. Other than that it just works.

I bought it used for dirt cheap with a tank because it had a 'leak'. One of the plugs on the reg needed fresh teflon tape.
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I bought an automag x-valve for my old '91 around 2005 when my son and I started playing a lot of scenarios. I was trying to keep up with our team's timmies and cyborgs. That thing digested more paint than I could afford in the next five years. I thought it had a seal failure last year, but it just needed cleaning. I had played woodsball tournaments with the classic valve and CO2. I knew the x-valve on HPA would be fast, but I was surprised at how matter-of-fact it ran at speed, for longer than I could play.

I have also been pleased with my Mechanix M-pact half finger gloves. the velcro at the wrist is getting weak, and the rubber backing at the tips is just starting to pull away, but they have worn very well. I bought extras years ago because they were comfortable and protective. I'll have to start looking for those.
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Soft shell 12V revy with the soft pod lid conversion. Hands down most rugged piece of equipment I have ever owned.
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Originally Posted by foughtwolf View Post
Halo B. I had one since launch and I believe I had to replace the belt on it in 2013 or so. I remember I had to replace the lid with one of those speed feeds because the metal hinge wore the plastic of the shells so much it would wobble and pop open. Hah
Had pretty decent luck with a Reloader B myself, all things considered. I used it for a whole lot of tourney ball and practice with who knows how much paint through it. I broke the feedneck early on so the shells got replaced with a set of smoke Halo shells. Later on, that ended up super glued to a point it couldn't break any more. I replaced everything inside it at least twice. In the end it wasn't even the same ramp any more. After the second time I replaced the "triangle" (bead stack replacement), and belt it just wouldn't act right. I would say it was simply worn out and tired of being fixed.
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9v revvie. I've had it since the early 2000s and it has been used and abused every season. Still runs great.
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crossfire tank regs....not easily rebuildable, but they just work.
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Without a doubt, my Diablo D13 Pants I purchased back in 06, used them on every outing and only had to do a couple little stitches from snags.

BTW, if you guys see one on the market with a 34ish waist in black PM me! I have been looking for a second pair for long events. I can only get snuck up on so many times before I need to change

Old pic, but they look the same now as they did back then

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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
I'm not sure a barrel really "exceeds expectations"- unless you're constantly using a sandy/dirty squeegee, there's very little that's going to wear out or fail in a barrel. I've got literally thirty-year-old barrels that still look and shoot like new.

One of my friends borrowed my A5 and proceeded to fall on it while tring to scale a muddy, rocky hill i specifically told him to avoid. He broke his fall by spearing my CP barrel between two large rocks and a jagged tree stump. He core sampled almost the entire 14 inches and hit the barrel off of the rocks as he fell. My A5 had the gripframe crack quite badly, the cyclone feed ripped off the marker and cracked in half, and in that process, half the clamshell body was also damaged beyond reasonable repair.

I had to buy a new cyclone feed, new clamshell half and new gripframe.

The CP barrel, however, isnt even scratched and still shoots like new.

Conversely, i dropped by J&J ceramic barrel on a hardwood floor once and it never shot the same.

Oh! And my CP barrel also survived me beating my friend with it after he put my A5 back in my hands without so much as a word that anything had happened to it.. I only noticed when i thought the grip felt funny and looked down.

CP barrels, man. Good stuff.

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Originally Posted by TomsGunShow View Post
CP barrels, man. Good stuff.
Agreed. They may not be as perfect as some of the newer barrels out there, but they always worked well enough for a $30-$40 barrel.

I also really liked Redz comfort gear. I'm still using the same 3+2 pack from 2002.
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JT Revvy 9v, although it now has Empire Reloader guts. The Reloader's shell shattered from a gnarly hit, couldn't let the internals go to waste. But it's always the durability of soft goods that impresses me.

A couple of my harnesses have survived some abuse. First gen Valken Redemption pack held togeter through lots of recball and 3 yrs of tourneys. Still have a Redz Dimensionz 3-pod pack from '03. Stitching & velcro held strong on both. Redz pack is my only pack now (that holds standard pods). Both outlasted an old NXe Elevation harness, which suffered worn velcro and ripped rubber tabs.

But most surprising are a pair of old Proto pants. I think they're from '05, and have lasted through crawling, falling, baseball slides and poor-decision knee slides through turf, dirt, twigs, gravel, unbroken monster balls (which is all of them), and occasionally other teammates. No rips, tears, holes. They shine though worn. Sadly, they've outlasted me, because they don't fit anymore.
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