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Jack Wagon!
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What is your "Perfect Pump"?

So, I've been mulling this lately. My collection of markers has really dwindled over the years, and part of that is because many pumps have come and gone through my hands, none ever being "just right". TASO's, Phantoms, various brass, and so on. In fact, I've sold all of them but my trusty Splatmaster. It's probably my favorite pump that I've owned, but it definitely leaves me wanting just a bit more performance.

I wonder to myself...what would be my "perfect pump"?

So I'm putting it to you guys. What is your "perfect pump"? Do you own it? Do you only dream about it? Did you build it or did someone else?

Post pictures, I love pictures! Maybe you'll give me some ideas.
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ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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Chuck E Ducky
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Brass and Wood Fan
One that shoots paintballs and works.
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chuff chuff
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Bearded Works
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old style s6.5, slot blocker, sst sidewinder, deadlywind with inserts, ez pump handle, cp on/off.

no maintenance, no tuning, no leaks....size the insert and chrono.

I have been shooting the same gun for 5ish years now. I have owned tons of ccm's, pump mags, various cocker builds, phantoms, some brass, thumpers, etc.... that gun goes with me to the field every single time. i play probably 20+ times a year.
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[picture of Phantom stockgun if it is missing from view]

That's what I use
It's not just the gun though
I also use an Allen products shotgun belt and a little zippered pack for shotgun choke tubes that I use to hold my 12 grams

I wear the shotgun belt around my T-shirt waist and when I empty a tube I throw it down the neck of my shirt so I don't lose it

The tubes have speed caps

I also wear a couple of pull-through squeegees around my neck and if a teammate or another player needs a barrel squeegee I toss them one

In my pocket would be a microfiber lens wipe

I wear Helix thermal lens mask and have a bunch of backup thermal lenses in storage

Ah yes and contact lenses. I consider that a must. I need to get some more
Ah yes--soft kneepads and elbowpads and athletic protection are a must

All these things are necessary, not just the gun. The gun could be a Splatmaster but as long as I have everything else I mentioned (maybe not the pull-thru squeegee so much but maybe a cotton swab instead) then I'll still somehow have a fun day at the field

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Ccm'd sniper. But your asking my opinion.

I say that because you can choose your style body, trigger frame, type of internals etc.. And the CCM kit has been the standard of excellence in pump feel for over a decade. Also snipers are so reliable, I took out my free flow sniper for the first time since 2012 last weekend, air it up and no leaks and it shot +-5 fps. With snipers you have the option of open class, a/t or no a/t, u can put on a cheap stick feed, run 12ies, unlimited options for barrels and so on.
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Post Whore
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For me my perfect pump is my Purple Pumpmag.

Ive always been really comfortable using it.

It was my first automag, I built it from completely new parts back in 2000 or so. It was built as a pump never a semi. Biggest change since it was built was the addition of the only purple M86 frame I will ever make.

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My perfect pump doesn't fully exist, but it would be a CCI Revolution with an autotrigger, low pressure air, CCM 86 frame and a new style dual pump arm kit with the vendetta kit handle.

That being said the closest to perfect for me now is my MVP. The only thing it is missing is a stick feed.
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My CCM S6. Out of all the markers I've owned and currently own its the one I play with the most.

The pump that I want in addition to my S6 is a nelson based platform with a pump stroke that's as buttery smooth.

I had a really nice phantom, I've shot the ICD PRP, and plenty of low end Nelson based guns and the pump stroke all have that gritty feeling.

I'm curious if the carters feel like that? The other one that I'm really interested in trying is the phantom revolution. While not Nelson based it shares the same layout.

Short of designing a nelson based gun with a roller bolt valve train and a pump rod thats balanced anyone have any suggestions?
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Voted most ball-fondliest
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I'm partial to the PMI Trracer - only downside is lack of barrels, which are too thin to freak bore. It's a BIG downside, but imberiman is working on a vert feed cocker threaded body. I've also got something in the works.

I've got all sorts of other Nelsons in my stable, but I keep coming back to the Trracer. The cheapest budget model of them all, that somehow did so much right. The best pump stroke I've found so far. Double feed detent, velocity adj bolt, the smoothest anti-kink internals, contact surfaces are brass on polished stainless, no grit or binding to the stroke. Bolt screws on both sides balance the pump force, the only resistance is the main spring loading and the light snap of the sear. The handle is light, and so is the rest of it which may not be everyone's cup of tea. Because of that it may not feel as substantial or stable as a sniper pump stroke, but lightness is something I've come to appreciate from it. Borrowed friends T2, which is an entirely different league, and it felt like a polished brick in my hands.


Eurogrip bottom line is just the perfect drop for shouldering. I've got about 10 of these now. 10 identical Trracers, 10 JT masks, 10 hpa tanks, 10 barrel socks, 10 barrel maids, for taking newbs out for some good old fashioned pump play.
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