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So...I really like my Blazer. Had it and used it frequently for years. But when I realized I was only playing semi once or twice a year, it was the automag I was using, not the Blazer.

For reference, I had a 45 frame, single trigger, 2k+, and I cut down the stock feedneck and attached a clamping feedneck.

The problems I had were the maintenance and the non-standard barrel. The form factor is so much nicer than a 'cocker, since everything is internal, but it made retiming a pain. And with every other or my markers taking 'cocker barrels, I didn't like having to lug one around specifically for the Blazer.

That all being said, I really really loved my Blazer. But there were enough little things that rubbed me the wrong way that when I played semi, I was going for the 'mag instead, almost every time.
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I want to point out that Blazers are a semi-custom gun. If you want a clamping feedneck instead of the tall stack it is available as a shop option from PPS.

They have made bodies milled to fit ego/double clamp feednecks before anodizing. My Pyre was one such gun. I have also fitted a lapco double clamp on to my blazer.

The Blazer is a great gun, but it is more time consuming to work on than an autococker when something goes wrong. Good news is that that is a real rarity since it is all self-contained.
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I wasn't a fan of the one I had. Damn thing leaked even after a rebuild. So I sold it for extremely cheap.
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Thank you all immensely for this excellent feedback, both pro and con!

Am going to see if I can get my hands on one for a game or two of play. But I'm definitely liking the idea of a more robust, 'clean' structure and especially, tougher parts and anodizing, even if it comes at the price of greater fussiness.

Will keep you all posted.

My thanks again!
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Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
The blazer isn't really taller than the cocker. It's just shorter and weight is all in one place along the length.

Like a cocker the trigger can be all over the place. PPS is where a blazer should go for tuning and trigger jobs if you want improvement.
Now that I look at it, it could have been the on/off and the fact that I was using a rail on the Blazer.

Tim Firpo is local to PPS (from what I understand, and I think he used to work there), and his time frame for getting the marker back to me was about a 1/3 of the time it would have taken PPS. Him and Craig are very close from what I understand (I think there was mention of Tim used to work there).

I don't recall any aftermarket companies making a "3-way" (or whatever POS calls it for a Blazer), so maybe that's why cockers have such different trigger jobs? Also, if I want to time it...well the whole internally placed pneumatics thing you know. But if you are right, that is just another con to owning a Blazer. You have to send it back to 1 guy for him to work on and charge you $200+ and 3 months every 5 years for a full rebuild. No thanks.
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I tried to like my Blazer and my Pyre but I never could get either one to work flawlessly. I sold both for a loss and got a T2 which is a far superior gun IMHO.
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I love my Blazer. Don't use it often, but when I do, it is air up and go.
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It's sad to hear about reliability problems with the blazer. This didn't use to be the case. If you didn't break em and used synthetic oil without solvents they should keep working. I guess I was lucky.

And you don't need to send theem to Palmer to have em fixed you can get a seal kit and go through them yourseld. They are just less familiar than the cocker.
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Rebuilding the blazer really isn't that bad. The only part that I had issues with was the ram assembly since the older ones are locktited together.
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I had an older super stocker, it was AWESOME! Didn't like the length of the feed (15 rd phantom fixed feed). Sold her, picked up a newer was not good!

With the BZ, you get great parts...lpr, hpr, rock. The rebuild cost of $200/every 5 yrs is the killer. Supposedly if the trigger pin comes out on the 45 frame, it never goes back in the same.
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