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While Benji and I visited Northern California for Rich Telford's North vs South Game at the beginning of June I had a chance to show Glenn the AGS rifle.
In this segment he talks about seeing the AGS rifle at the Air Pistol Open in June of 1988. It's hard to believe that this rifle would date back to two entire years before the release of the 68 Special and VM 68 but they are advertised in Action Pursuit Games in the November 1988 issue.

Glenn also talks about where AGS went wrong and how he tried to help them with this idea. When AGS eventually split into AGS and Taso this idea was discarded and Glenn was given the go ahead to pursue it by David Craig. He explains some of the same progression that he brought up in the last few videos but with the AGS rifle in front of him it's exciting to watch.

Next up will be a video on DeBone's Hugo double barrel.

And here is a write up with Glenn on Warpig explaining some of what I've written in the posts here.
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Here is the next segment on Glenn's early semi auto history. This video show Dani DeBone's Hugo double barrel semi automatic.
Not only is this the first double barrel semi automatic that Glenn built (also likely first double barrel semi in general) but it was likely either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th semi glenn built with the dual acting cylinder.
Glenn and DeBone's dates are a little different, with Glenn writing it was completed September to October 1989 and Dani remembering Feb to March. Could have been completed but not paid off or not had the final touches until Feb to March.

Here is a small paragraph on Hugo in the December 1995 issue of Action Pursuit Games. Date is wrong in this article since Glenn and Forest Cox would have been building the Elite rifles at that time.
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