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Mad Science of Paintball
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Inside the old 3-ways...

Here's a bit of a blast-from-the-past for you 'Cockerheads. Approximately a million years ago, shortly after Bud Orr emerged from the primordial ooze, I got into paintball, and being a bit of a gadget freak, tried to learn everything I could about the equipment we had at the time.

What kind of tree paintballs grew on, which hollow river reeds made the best barrels, how to knap my own Automag out of flint, that kind of thing.

Anyway, in those early days, and you kids won't believe this, but there really wasn't much on the internet back then- and even less paintball stuff. If you wanted a diagram of something, or a manual for your marker, you had to pick up the telephone- which was attached to the wall with a cable, I think to keep them from being stolen- and call the company directly, to order a manual. Which would then be snail-mailed to you, which, as I recall, took anywhere from two weeks to eight and half years.

And for some things, back then, no manual or diagram was even available, unless you were a company willing to buy 25,000 of the part in question, and were willing to keep the drawings under careful Non-Disclosure Agreements.

One of those things was the old "cup and clip" 'Cocker 3-way, so named because it had hollow spools that slid in from each end, which were then retained by small snap-rings.

They were easy enough to disassemble and clean or lube, but if you wanted a diagram of how they went together, or dimensions, or anything like that, tough noogies. There weren't any.

So one day I took some old junk parts, of which I had a binful- heck, I still have a binful- and milled it not quite in half to make a cutaway model:

This would have been around 1996, back when I was a young pup and had no sense.

It may seem simple now, but was actually quite useful in understanding how the thing worked, and more importantly, helping to more fully understand timing.

Shortly after that, I started turning my own custom cups, and had started working on making my own custom spools (which wasn't easy given the old, worn out lathe I had access to at the time) when the first "one piece" 3-ways started hitting the market.

I took one look at those, slapped myself in the forehead while saying something like "duh!" and stuck this and some of the half-built custom parts in a bag and promptly forgot about them for the next 20 years.

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Does anyone read this?
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I always hated those cup-and-clip setups.... I much prefer the later STO style onepiece jobs.

Very cool!
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I <3 cutaways

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chuff chuff
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That was a good read. I have a couple of these that don't feel very smooth and I can't seem to figure out why.
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Interesting stuff as always Doc.
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I rebuilt a 3 way recently, fun stuff.

If you need those c clips, if they break, which some undoubtedly will, Baaci has tons of them.
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No bunkers necessary, and your yard will look lovely!
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so i super durped and there was no oring on the top i dont know why i though there was lol

Now that i have said that on the internet it will never be forgotten X_X
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48 weeks.
Hang your head in shame, you missed it. It was magnificent.
10 hail Chads and caress the nearest paintball gun in penitence.
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Ahh... the good ol days.
I remember them coming with non-threaded timing rods.
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Cool beans Doc.

The more I learn and discover about cockers, the more I realize at heart I'm a cocker guy (and I've been using Tippmanns as my primaries for years).
Never, ever, trust a fart...

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