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Paintball confessions: wait wait wait


Story to share because after all these years of paintball I have never had an experience quite like this.

Last weekend it was the Open Day at our club. Simple deathmatch with a single retrievable objective. The object is placed in the tunnel running under one of the fields. At the beginning of the game I ran to the tunnel entrance closest to the enemy, laid down paint to stop the enemy gaining access to the tunnel and yelled like a mad dog telling my team mates to get in the tunnel. 5 minutes later, out of nowhere, an opponent popped out from the tree 6 metres to my 10 o’clock and opened fire. The balls missed.

“wait wait wait” I said in freaked out state of mind realising someone had the drop on me. Jumped back into my bunker and snapped back out returning fire tagging the guy.

“You can’t do that...that’s cheating” was his disgruntled statement.

Yeah it kinda was. I called myself out and went back to respawn. 9 years of paintball I have never said “wait” before. That’s a new one.

Cheers for reading
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Good story

I shot a guy three times in the butt from the side of the castle like bunker he was in. Moved on to his buddy, shot him out, went around to get the third buddy in the little fort and then got 15 balls rained on me from the little tower the 1st fella was in. I guess he decided to show me how to enjoy having the drop on someone.

I was a little bummed. After the game he did show me his butt and the lack of breaks. He seemed like a good sport, just heavy on the trigger when blowing to smitherines a guy who had considered the little tower "clear"

Not sure what lesson I learned. 1 lesson is the disadvantage of a mechanical semi auto, when I could have hit him 6 times in the length of time it took me to shoot him 3 times, I would have doubled my chance of a break. But I like the old stuff, so i dunno.

FPO so valken at .669 with hard shell designed to stay round on a boat ride from Korea is all you get.

Good times anyways. Nice job calling yourself out like a man.
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Adrenaline will make you do funny things. Being the most experienced in a walk-on group, I gave everyone the run down and explained the surrender rule (being a good sport, just a game, don't want anyone hurt etc). Not minutes later, guy pops through a window and shouts surrender and I instinctively spin on him. Thankfully my shot landed on the bunker, and not through the window or the hole immediately below the window. I gave my head a shake, apologized and accepted the surrender - not sure he even noticed I just about nailed him from point blank.

Of course it happens, all you can do is admit your mistake. I've been on the opposite end of that exchange too.
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"Wait...Wait... Wait..." is like a loud "Deadmans walk"...You will be shot until you say "Hit"...
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I remember once I ran up to a bunker and yelled "Surrender!" (Teammate stated there was a guy in/behind it) and a guy two bunkers away (about a good 20-30ft) got up and walked off. I talked with him after the match and told him what had happened and we both had a good laugh about it.
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Step 1: plant trees
Step 2: wait
No bunkers necessary, and your yard will look lovely!
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so i super durped and there was no oring on the top i dont know why i though there was lol

Now that i have said that on the internet it will never be forgotten X_X
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48 weeks.
Hang your head in shame, you missed it. It was magnificent.
10 hail Chads and caress the nearest paintball gun in penitence.
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Years ago, we watched an old VHS copy of a "Celebrity Big Game" taped in '94.

In it, at one point, you see Oh Pawlak walking along a ridgeline where his side and the opposing team were exchanging fire- but from a long enough distance that as long as you were watching for incoming paint, you were pretty safe.

You see Oh kind of casually dodge a few rounds, then yell, kind of faux indignantly "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?"

And for a few moments, they actually stopped shooting at him.

Years later, I was in the middle of a rec game of about 18-20 players, out in the woods. One kid got a good bead on me while I was stuck in pretty poor cover, but I was havin' fun. I yelled "Hey! Don't you know who I am?!?"

And he stopped shooting and poked his head up, apparently genuinely puzzled.

I swear I didn't plan it, but it worked out perfectly- one of my teammates was off to my left (I didn't even know he was there, as he hadn't been shooting or helping me or anything) and he popped two quick shots and gogged the kid.

It all happened in seconds, like we'd rehearsed it.

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i looped around behind the other team and casually walked up behind them like i was on their team.
my gun barrel was pointed down and we all had armbands so these guys were just lazy.

i didnt expect to encounter a rental and almost surprised me.
he looked at me and spun his gun at me but i used that moment (while pointing) to say, "Hey, what's in front of you, where are they?"

he turned away from me to point out (my team) the other side.
i then barrel tagged him and his whole team one at a time.

i felt a little dirty...
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"hit" is not a good indicator of being shot only a gun up in the air pointed up. Hit just sounds like ****.

It's hilarious that paintball couldn't settle on a standard as basic as this after all of these years.

Taking advantage of the fact that during most games there are a number of non combatants milling about in one form or another is never s cool strategy to me and I think encourages generally scummy play.

Good confessions
"I'll see it when I believe it"

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I've been lit up a few times because I only raised my hand and pointed my barrel up.
I only got irate a couple of times, yelling about over-shooting.

The funny thing is that I didn't say "out".

From now on I yell "out" at a blood curdling decibel. Seems to work better than hand raising alone.

There was one game in which all of the people who were out decided to stand by a net not 5 feet from people still playing. I made a push up the middle, this is in a wooded field, and was trying to find an angle on the players to my right.
Then I saw 10 people standing together, right next to the players still in action.
I got all giddy and started peppering balls into their group.

I was met with shouts of despair and calls to mercy.

I did apologize after finding out they were already out.
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One time I wuz playin so agg with my watermelon flex I took 4 hits in the chest off the break and superman dove into the snake wiping off all 4 hits as I crawled. got up to snake 50 and lit up two n00b refs on the sideline, while reloading (and dumping 75% of the pod on the ground) I swore at a bunch of kids while successfully wiping another lens hit I took. I was just able to take out my iphone for a dope selfie when another player came down the tapeline and bunkered me. I spun on him well after he had already hit and then argued about it with the refs and threw my marker. What an agg day.

......i kid i kid
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