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Ok this keeps getting bumped without updates. Y'all are just being mean now. I want a Cowboy marker!
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Originally Posted by Mr Idiot Box View Post
Somthing was updated on the forum none of the photo links are working. At least from the commonly used ones.

Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
MCB apparently made a change and it would seem forces all external links to be secure- that is, https, rather than http.

As I've never used https, it's not fully configured on my server- there's a security 'certificate' but as it's 'self-signed', it's not trusted.

I'll chat with my host on Monday, see if they can't take care of that.

Originally Posted by Fubarius View Post
It's not just Doc's images. Seems since MCB went secure (see the https:// up in the address) it can't link to non-secure web servers such as Doc's and my personal web space.

So all my images at and don't show up here anymore as well.

I'll be looking into fixing that on my end tomorrow.

In the short term until all us folks with personal servers get around to getting our secure certificates, you'll have to open the dead image in another tab or window, and just remove the "s" from "https".
Thanks guys. I really appreciate your answers.

Originally Posted by sethzilla View Post
I can see them on my phone. I've attached them to this post too, can you see them now?
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To sethzilla: I can see the photos just fine. Thanks a ton! (I didn't include them in my post though.)

Jeez Doc, that is one gorgeous marker.
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Originally Posted by a.greenleaf View Post
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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
Iím a one man army.
But also, thereís a another guy.
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I hate to be a tease and bring this back up without anything substantial, but I wanted to update MCB-at-Large about the ongoing progress of the Duke.

To start off with the TL;DR version for those of you with short attention spans simply put, while I'm not as far along as I'd hoped (by, y'know, a LOT ) I am indeed still working on it, and should have some additions to the Build Pages before too much longer.

I'd link it, but MCB still doesn't like my site.

The current state-of-affairs is basically getting my infrastructure ready. An opportunity to get some of my machines refurbished, a situation I'd been waiting for for a couple of years now, finally presented itself, and so I have three of my machines (not my primary ones by any means) dismantled and parts are rolling their way towards the States to be ground back to square and true perfection.

But that means my shop is, well, a wreck. I dismantled a 6,000-pound lathe to send the bed off, and that means I have 4,500 pounds of random iron bits laying all over the shop.

But, I'm kind of taking advantage of the chaos and getting some of my other long-planned projects done, and if you stop in at the Tinker's Guild on occasion, you can keep up with the progress.

(That link should work, since the Guild is a Tapatalk site.)

And for those of you wondering if I'm still doing mods and marker work, then answer is yes, of course! I am also 100% caught up- everything that came in last week, left again last week, and the one last job that could be called overdue got shipped home Saturday morning.

I may be busy doing other things, but this is still my day job, and I'm more serious about it than ever.

I've picked up a CNC router to do the wood furniture for the Duke, converted it over to a liquid-cooled spindle, and have a dust enclosure and dust collector almost ready. A more-knowledgeable-than-I buddy and I are working on the CAD for the stocks, but of course we're limited by not yet having a production-ready prototype.

My CNC lathe is also almost ready to go, and is at the moment more limited by my lack of experience than anything mechanical. I've been working on the CAD for parts for it as well, although they're having some difficulty with a decent post-processor, and I've been kind of waiting 'til that gets sorted before I get too carried away with trying to cut parts.

And the big one is that at some point before too long I'll be buying a Tormach CNC mill- they just announced a new upgrade version, with servos instead of steppers, and a 30-taper spindle. It's still not a HAAS or Okuma or other "professional" machine, but it's about the best I can afford- and even then, only barely.

The upgrade "MX" version may not be available 'til some time this winter, and that's the one I'd most like to have (assuming it's not, like, 50% more expensive than the regular machine) so I'll likely be waiting for that.

Bottom line, I'm still here, and still very much plan on producing at least a short run of The Duke, likely almost entirely in-house. I have no intention of fading away like a few others I could name. (Point in fact, come July 1st, I'll have been doing this airsmith thing as a full-time day job for twenty freaking years. )

It's just that I'm only one guy, trying to juggle about forty different things on any given day, and pay for this whole project out of pocket. No loans, no Kickstarters, no GoFundMes, no preorders, no nothin'. I've been working like a dog for a couple of years now, and saving just about everything I can to both buy the equipment and buy the tooling I need.

I guess all I'm asking is that you Ladies and Gents- and whatever Mar is- have both a bit of patience and possibly a bit of faith.

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Doc I've never let a woman play with my heart as much as this thread. With that being said I still have a jar of cash sitting aside for what I'm guessing it will cost. Thanks for the update and keeping this boy's dream alive.
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Thanks for the update.
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Originally Posted by somethingbenign View Post
Doc I've never let a woman play with my heart as much as this thread. With that being said I still have a jar of cash sitting aside for what I'm guessing it will cost. Thanks for the update and keeping this boy's dream alive.
Same. Take whatever time you need to do it Right(TM). God knows it's taken me 4 years to build out my lever Phantom.
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