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Angel memories

Perhaps its just my being more active on various Angel owners threads and pages on FB, but I think there's generally been an uptick in interest in Angel markers in the last year. Prices for good working ones have gone up, and now there's a new board manufacturer making the old guns tournament legal again.

I threw together a video of my beloved Angel 4, and I like how it came out. Made sure to wear my period correct Dynasty jersey while using it lol.

I'd love to hear some of your guys thoughts or memories that involve these special guns, paintball's first "luxury" gun.

I like many people, grew up firmly believing Angels were the best guns on the market bar none.
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I remember my teammate was able to pick up a decked out IR3 in high school, but it didn't have a charger.

Brought it to a RadioShack, they plugged it in, and it started smoking. He sold it for a loss after owning it a week.

But it looked great.
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My old lcd, was a workhorse. I bought it from a local player. If I remember correctly its had 100k+ shots on the counter. It was a good gun. I gathered alot of accessories for it. But I quickly learned the internal lpr must be adjusted correctly and not to put the springs in backwards. By the time i sold it it had another 100k on it. Thta was back when I shot a case or two a weekend.

It is to this day the only gun I forgot i owned. Put i in a box, moved then moved again. Couple years later opened the box and found it.
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Some of my most fun paintball days were behind a G7.

My first was a Speed. Much like an above poster, I learned quick about the importance of having a properly tuned LPR. Also found that turning the bolt/ram forward just a touch would eliminate chop with force fed hoppers. The G7 eliminated that problem by design.

I later owned an A1 Fly. It was no wonder the doors closed shortly after that pos.
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Way back in the day, I had just a Dark LCD Angel and a Revenge V2. Both were anodized green/black splash like a Spyder SE. Got the NiMH and switch upgrade for the Angel. I used the Angel unless it looked rainy. Unfortunately though I sold them both to help pay for a knee operation.

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Very nice. Why do I suddenly want an Angel now? I don't even play electro.
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There has been an upswing in interest and prices lately. I've had leds and LCDs for a long time but just started to notice that there is in fact a price jump somewhat similar to autocockers recently.

I have an old mint condition black single trigger led, a Euro led, an Eclipse (ice ano) led and a mint fly LCD that still has the factory warning stickers, manual and receipts. I use them often, in fact, the black led is my primary for walk on play.

Angels are great markers and there's a lot of history behind them. It'll be good to see more at the field one day.
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I've owned a Dark led, 3-4 lcd's, an IR3, an A4, a few speeds, two A1's.

As much as everyone wanted them to get with the times, what they made was their identity, and perhaps, in their own right, changing the formula would be like throwing away everything they had built themselves on. Sure it got old year after year of subtle design changes, but then again, where are they now, and what do people want.

I miss WDP.
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so i super durped and there was no oring on the top i dont know why i though there was lol

Now that i have said that on the internet it will never be forgotten X_X
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48 weeks.
Hang your head in shame, you missed it. It was magnificent.
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I loved my speed 06. It was in excellent shape and priced super low on Ebay. I had to sell it for around what i had in it when i was between jobs.

My thinking was to originally buy back a speed 06 gat, G7 Rasta, Arsenal or other private label but prices went up on those.

Now I see speed 06's selling for $100 more then what i bought and sold mine for.

Part of me really wants another Angel, the other part is telling me the only reason i liked mine is it was such an awesome gun for so little money.
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