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As time goes by

Just interested in how many folks over 60 (like me) are still participating in paintball activities. I'm 61 and still going with the flow as mother nature allows me to do so.

I'm here till the end.
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Hooray! I'm not among your ranks yet but I've seen some and I've been eliminated by at least a couple -- one of them geez I forgot his name but he helped build the woods fields in Warzone RI and he is a beast when it comes to rushing/pushing on the Attack side and likes to fling paint sometimes on the Defense side. I told him one game when we were perched on a cliff ledge, "Hey, make it so it ricochets off the ground near their feet and gets em on the other side of the shield-wall," he's like "OK I like the sound of that" and sprays the crap out of it, you could just see through the slat that people were hop-skipping and jumping

Another fellow in a wheelchair who owns the property and played back in 1985/1986 when it all first started, he gave me a few pointers about matching paintball sizes to the barrel back when I first started playing with a Phantom in 2010 and was having trouble when, unbeknownst to me, my favorite paintball manufacturer abruptly changed the size of their paintballs and I had a bad day of paintball breaks. That man was a genius because he knew right away what my problem was and I only spoke maybe 2 sentences about it

It sucks that there's not a repository of paintball wisdom that stands the test of time on the web, besides newsgroup archives

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Not that far behind you and following your lead! I'm here until the end too (53 and broken a bit), and looking forward to hoisting one with you at Slims next weekend! Everything is borrowed from the time we have here, all that we really have anyway, so make the most of it! Watch and learn Stinkbugs!
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48 first strike shooter exclusively now . In above average health but just ain't diving into bunkers anymore .
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I'm 58 and am still trying to be as active as possible on the field. I think that when I hang up my guns, I'll be ready for the old folks home. My only concession to age is that I protect my knees with knee pads now.
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You didn't protect your knees playing paintball before then, like I have to when I play? Are your bones made out of adamantium / unobtanium ?
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I'm not that old yet (31) but I used to play regularly with a good friend who played 'til his knees went at about 60. He was the kindest player on the field who would help all the newbies and take anyone that didn't get on a team for our local league. He had an old classic Automag for sale years go and he straight-up gave it to me when I expressed interest in buying it. I was utterly stunned. I'll never forget what he did for me that day and I'll never sell that Mag. I don't see him much now, but when I do it's always a great time just sitting and talking with him. Beautiful soul, he is.

What I'll always remember about him aside from the Mag he gave me was his trademark full-auto A-5s. Two of 'em, fully decked out (Flatline, gold power tube, RVA, guts, e-grip, the works) and he always just sat near the back shooting a steady 7 or 8 BPS. Never got many people out, but man he would he push teammates up the field. He would really throw the paint.

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