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Online Paintball Retail Options

Just curious as to what online retailers you guys use for paintball stuff?

For years I shopped at local paintball stores in my area, mainly Pevs and Skyline Paintball. However almost all the paintball stores and proshops have since closed, or changed their business models. Skyline is still open, but thats almost a 2 hour drive.

Fast forward a few years and online shopping is my only real option. I use to use which I believe is now Action Village. I also did a bit of shopping with Compulsive Paintball, not sure if theyre still around. I have had a lot of luck with PaintballGateway and recently ANS (even if they don't know the difference between a Ripper Autococker body and an Axe body, but thats a story for another time ).

For used stuff I mainly use MCB and sometimes eBay.

So, are there any other options out there?
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Location: Silver Springs, Fl > Action Village > ANS - hit and miss, some people like them some dont.

I have had really good experiences with (west coast)

and (east coast)
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Yeah paintballgateway is the way to go for now.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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Does anyone read this?
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Hustle Paintball has good prices and good shipping to Canada, if I'm looking for something I can't find on this side of the border.
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Isn't Hustle owned by ANS now?
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Hustle is owned by ANS.

I've been using a combination of Autocockerparts, pbgateway, and ebay. A lot of smaller creators (Warped, Gear Heads, etc) have ebay stores. I end up finding a lot of stuff I've been looking for other places.
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Order from rockstar tactical if you need things quickly. They are the closest company to us. I've ordered last minute stuff at least ten times and its always at my door in two days.

Skyline is an hour away

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Back to paintball.
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Rockstar Tactical. ANSgear. Quickshot paintball (they're a store that's two hours away from me but they have a ridiculous selection, they stopped selling online I believe but if you have some odd request, give them a call, they might have what you need).

Buying direct when possible (Field One owns Bob Long, Inception Designs for cocker stuff and CCI and CCM respectively for parts).

Going to Annual Big Games is good, usually lots of vendors on site. Get some playtime in and lighten your wallet a little
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Rockstar Tactical has been great for every order, and the orders always arrived ahead of schedule.

Pass on ANSgear, my experience was poor customer service and communication, basically none. Another issue, I think I was sold a returned/used item that was offered as new.
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