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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Played today and had a dude walking around with a roughly 4'x7' shield he'd made from PVC tubing and netting.
i all for it if used by ref to protect him or other people if they got hurt or paint check or other issue need.. but if someone using for him self to protect him self if not hurt or harm any way no. it should only be use if rules say can be used by players in game with rules for it. if no rules set up for game. then only ref or photographer or people watching supervise the game then.
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Originally Posted by foughtwolf View Post
You're telling me 30 dudes slowly shambling their way across a field in a perfect Roman shield phalanx before unleashing with nerf swords wouldn't be the funniest damn thing ever at a scenario game?
Na you have to have a bunch of people with airowbows. Open the formation so they can fire them close up again. Pretty sure they did it on Spartacus with crosssbows at some point haha.
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I've seen them used a scenarios pretty effectively,the rule usually states they're limited to melee, launcher or pistols only.
I like them at scenario in limited numbers
We've had a shield guy at our home field, he wasn't allowed to use anything but a melee weapon.
It wasn't too effective there as our field is heavily wooded\riperian .
I didn't care for the idea myself but it was pretty amusing to watch.
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I only used them a couple of times. One time being a 300 themed game as they were allowed and the mission was to ring a ring...we did and my shield 1/4in plexi glass worked like a charm, others didn't fair so good. Lol. Second time was reffing a games final battle, the oh crap shield and for those that needed the protection. It was a magnet each time, useful but a magnet each time.
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Nope not walk on play.
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I think a shield is great if you’re playing a Terminator game. We used to have a big clear JT riot shield for that.
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We were playing capture the flag on 10 acres of woodsball fields.
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Its a big no from me for rec.

I've never gotten the appeal of swords, shields or launchers in paintball.
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Shield users typically overestimate how invulnerable they are. It's fun to flank them and shoot them in the side as they advance past you with no idea where you are.

And in open play at a rec field, yeah that's a no from me, same for foam swords, get that crap outta here.
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You guys must have had some bad experiences with others using shields. I usually find them to be an easy target, especially when you first obscure their vision and move to another spot.
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