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Here a while
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Walz, you sir are amazing, Happy birthday. I would choose the carter. No matter how hard i try i cant shake the love of the inline tube design of Nelson valve style markers and they dont come much nicer than what you are giving away.
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MMMM.....Purple Sterling....why you ask? Well, I LOVE purple and have never had a Sterling
Have a Grateful Day!

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Happy b-day Wallyllama! I would love to be the future owner of that Carter. Definitely on my marker bucket list
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Happy birthday! I have always wanted to try the legendary quality of both these makers. If I must choose I'd go with the Carter since I do best with a single tube setup.
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Happy happy happy birthday Walz!!!

Carter guns were like unobtanium when I first got into paintball. The thought of any gun over $300 was just mind boggling so phantoms were like the Ferraris but the Carters...they were just plain mythical.

So yeah, I gotta pick the Carter.
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I have always wanted a carter, never had one and that one looks clean. I want a true VSC marker to push my skill to the next level.

You are an awesome person to do this giveaway.
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Wowee Zowee! Happy Birthday WALZ! And thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

I would pick the Red Carter I think, my son would be excited about it. He loves The Flash, so I'd give it to him, and he could wear his Flash suit when he shoots it Of course, I would shoot it as well. They are both gorgeous guns! Can't say I know anything about either of them, as I'm a noob to pumps, but I'm anxious to learn!
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Happy Birthday Walz.

I always wanted a sterling, suposed to have a best of both worlds sheridan valve with a nelson type hammer, it would be interesting to see.

And its soooo British.

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Happy Birthday Walz!

If I won I would choose the carter, i would do this as I have never shot one and need to stop drooling over them at stockclass events from this forum.
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Happy Birthday Wallz! If I won I would choose the Carter. It looks just like one I owned years ago and regret selling during my big cross country move. Ah memories...
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