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Walz Birthday- choose your marker giveaway

i want to share the gift of giving for my birthday with a gift from me to one of you....
As some of you know I have spent most of the year moving back up to Idaho and all my gear is still in storage at my sons house in Washington...
i haven't been able to make anything for a long while but the new shop is going up now so I should be back into the swing of things in a few more months...

That being said I don't have a new brass marker to give away BUT......

My wife went to visit the family in Washington for a week and brought back a BOX marked paintball..
This box contained some markers that I received in a trade deal and they are exceptionally sweet..

I want to give someone one of these as my gift of giving...

Any color but blue can enter... (Great time to buy a membership if your not green)..

Below are two markers to choose from...
These are my favorites of the bunch....
Make your choice and state why you want it over the other..

Entry ends dec 31... I celebrate my B day for ten days....

Pictures of markers below.. ( not my pictures ( traders pics, maybe he will win one back as he over traded in the first place)...


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Holy ****, WALZ!
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Nice. And Happy bday.

I will pick the purple sterling.
Its purple and i need a purple gun.

.....................WTB your pball MANUALS......................

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They both look amazing but I would choose the Carter. I have never owned one of them and that finish looks amazing. Red is my favorite color too.
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I must have missed that memo


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If I won, I'd pick the Carter.

Edit: If I won the Carter, I would give it to my friend Fenton, who loves red guns. He needs something stock class.
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Unbelievable things to just give away, how to choose... That's an amazing Sterling and I love everything about it, but I have an open class pump I'm already restoring with love. There's room in my heart for a VSC, so Buzzard it is!
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Wow! Those are both beautiful. I'd go with the Carter since I already own a Sterling and I've always admired the Carters. That thing would definitely see play up at Slim's game this spring too.
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Happy Birthday! i don't have a stock class other than a PG or Splatmaster so i would take either but would prefer the red one.
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Happy birthday, Walz! Wow those are gorgeous. I'd go with the Carter. As much as I loved my old Sterling, the ergonomics were never quite right.
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Happy birthday WALZ!

I would choose the Stirling because purple and I have never had one before!
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