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i think the splash is around for the order guys and they like that. its like art fads come and go. imo idk for splash i like hydrodiped camo. but i do agree then make the new stuff cheap using generic parts an uncommon oring because its cheap. its like that video were a guy reviews the defender barrel and how cheap it was for an $1000 marker. its so cheap the milling was off center. they gave him a free barrel but that too was off center. it was like including a stock 98 barrel with out any honing on the $1000 marker.

i recently got a hold of an milsing k series marker and man im glad i did not play like $1000+ for one back in they day.... its so bad i just don't understand it. meanwhile there a cheap pcs us5 that includes socket screws that are counter sunk! at a price cheaper then the a5. that thing is well made.

no one can agree on any stander each company is like i gotta have my own barrel threads and my own mags and my own drop forwards and my own rail that uses an generic batter that charges form solar with my own hopper threads and own grips .... we should be passes this now.
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Originally Posted by thrasher_565 View Post
the zap zxs 600e is a blow forward marker.
? I have one and it's an inline FASOR with a vertical poppet. I actually really like the concept.
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Have you ever tried an Action Markers Diadem? Unless you count an Automag as a FASOR, the Diadem is my favorite FASOR.

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Originally Posted by custar View Post
Have you ever tried an Action Markers Diadem? Unless you count an Automag as a FASOR, the Diadem is my favorite FASOR.

I loved my Diadem. Should not have ever sold it.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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Originally Posted by Gabe View Post
Dude yes thank you. I really want to like the newer guns but they look cheaply made. The anno is crappy, the patterns all look like theyíre hydro dipped. What happened to gloss guns with sweet fades and splashes?

I know I sound like the codgey old fart here but damn. The newer guns just donít have it for looks. Iíll stick with the older matrices or bob long timmies.
i agree. the "printed" graphics look tacky and cheap.
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