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Use an open face helmet and incorporate your mask into your helmet set up, you know, JT style.

This sounds like an amazing adventure, but yes, riding a motorcycle after a hard day of play sounds like a bad decision on my part. But, what do I know? I've only binned every motorcycle I've ridden, including the ones I have owned.
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Originally Posted by DirtyLoincloth View Post
Use an open face helmet and incorporate your mask into your helmet set up, you know, JT style. - View Profile: Soolio

This was my set up riding my drz400s in my profile pic
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Originally Posted by Zepulkinator View Post
What kind of bike? I just bought a Suzuki bandit 1250 for the same purpose. Mine came with 3 hard bags and I think I can fit at least 3-4 guns, 2 hoppers, 2 tanks, a pack and a mask in all that.

Have a couple bikes but the one I travel with is a Suzuki Vstrom 650.

And Iím far from being in anything resembling good shape. But I also know my limits and wonít push myself on the field to the point of exhaustion. Besides I physically canít really run crouch or crawl any more due to past injuries so my style of paintball is a lot less physical these days.
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I've had similar questions. My bike doesn't have panniers or a tour pack. Bungies won't work. My only option was a bag or pack of some kind. I eventually picked up the Push Division backpack.

It's pretty much perfect for holding enough gear for a day of play and I can wear it as a backpack, or strap it to a sissy bar (if I ever put one on the bike).
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Anyone ever try to put a medium sized gearbag on the luggage rack of your bike?
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