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Originally Posted by Fubarius View Post
I'm also local to that field and I've personally had some disagreements with them over their business model.

At this moment they only offer play for two types of players. .50 cal renters, or tournament practice, with nothing in between. They're the least "MCB'ish" of all the local fields.

Their pro-shop feels the same, with them not wanting to give you the time of day unless you're drooling over the latest $1500 gun.

The frustrating thing is that they own two indoor fields in the area. They could easily run a gun owners open play at the second field while they run their tournament practice at the first.

I asked the older guy behind the counter if I bought a 50 cal could I bring in my own gun.

He basically said unless it's a "good one" (etha 2) then no.

I asked about the GOG Enmy I got the distinct impression he might be trying to sell me on what they carried.

He let on that there was "advanced play" on Sunday mornings; so this must be the tournament practice Fubarius mentioned.

If I had my druthers I'd play 68 cal indoors in the winter with my own guns.

It hurts the same whether or not you are indoors or outside.
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Originally Posted by martix_agent View Post
Players go "Call of duty" all on their own, so you may as well market towards it.
You're not wrong. This is what the younger generation is expecting these days. They've all cut their teeth on Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield and so on. Walk on to any field and you'll hear them calling them "maps". Paintballs are "bullets". They have dreams of kill streaks and high K/D ratios. We can remain pure to the sport all we want. But ultimately, it's the birthday party kids that keep the fields afloat.
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PB Addicts reopened a few months ago in Salt Lack city, Last I checked they don't allow .68 call play. They don't want the high end players or even the woodsball guys. Everything is geared toward .50 cal rental, splat master style and Bazoka ball.
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Originally Posted by martix_agent View Post
So here's the deal.

Your average rental player will not come back repeatedly. Think of it like go-karts, or other similar attractions. Even if the price is cheap, they'll probably show up a few times in their life, if they liked it. These are the people that fields have to market to, because people just don't return regularly. (and that's fine)

Fields make good money off these players, because they're willing to pay the price. High paint prices mean that less paint gets shot, and that means that there's less potential for people to have a bad time. If they have a bad time, they'll not "market" well, once they leave. If you sell the player a good experience, they'll have a much more fun time and won't tell other people how much fun it was. And they also wont' go back later in their life.

Players go "Call of duty" all on their own, so you may as well market towards it. It's fairly obvious to do so. I used to think of all this differently, and then I helped manage a field for 2 years. I now understand how fields work, in a much more clear way.
I feel like a better idea would be to Jack up the price of the rental gear itself but keep the price of paint lower. That way you get the profit of the rental players but keep your regulars who own the own grear.

But it not like I own a field so whatever

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