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the year long scam

Ok so, here it beings. This is a Review about a buisness i used in Canada. The name of this buisness is “aesthetic anodizing” and is run and owned by “tyler fare”

over 1 year ago i bought 2 markers one was an angel g7 fly from Mike snell of the angel paintball owners unite facebook group ( ) it was a red g7 fly with a decently scratched body but nothing that could not be restored.
i also bought a fairly good condition angel a1in gloss black from a local guy i know.

I asked in the angel group who could reccomend a good annodizer/shop, a few people reccomened tyler as he was located in canada and i liked this as i am in canada as well, This was a HUGE!!!!! Mistake.

I contacted tyler over1 year ago! ( was in mid december sometime) to start this whole process.

I called him on the phone (along with emails and FB messenger), i told him what i have and what i want. i told him i know the g7 fly is in not great condition, do what you can to get any scratches out, but i realize that its not gonna come out perfect in the context of deeper aluminim scratches, this was known and in some pics you can see that, im not complaining about those. Im complaining about how the g7 fly is now pitted all over the body and has been stripped so badly from acid wash, it is utterly ruined.
The g7 fly i wanted a lime green single color.

Here are the pics of the g7 fly before:

Here is a video of the g7 fly, after i installed new “everything”
( there are tons of people that can vouge for me, i have been working on angel, playing with and using them since 2004)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The finished ( not actually finished, just finally back in my hands) product will be posted at the end of this story about what happend.

Now, the angel a1 i had was gloss black and in decent condition, i wanted a halo theme, dust olive and gold polish, with some kind of graphic etc “artistic” to make it look like armor or some kind of design from the master cheif. Not that huge of a deal, but i understand it could possibly take 1-3 months, ish. As Tyler had told me over the phone.

Also I had sent 3 extra gloss black barrel bakcs to be anno matched a stock a1 silver ( i sent an a1 back plate to color match)

Tyler had assured me this is deffinietly doable and not really an issue and something he would like to do.
So we agreed to do buisness and i sent him my two markers. Roughly a week later ( march 9 2017) Tyler asked for 200$ to begin work ( this is now binding and agreed upon for this buisness to perform a service as discussed)

then on March 23 Tyler had asked for another 250$

and once again on april 4th tyler requested more money, 200$, totalling 650$ payment sent thus far. ( this is by far more than enough to to a single color marker and a 2 tone color ( context further as later on i told tyler so scrap the whole thing and just do olive and gold)

he started work right away from what i understand, i was updated about 3-4 weeks later about the g7 fly, the body had been anno’d green but tyler was not happy with it, so he was gonna possibly re attempt some sections, i say ok, well sure.

I ask how the a1 is going, no progress, he is waiting on a tatoo artist to get back to him.

a couple months go by with zero update, it was quite difficult to get ahold of him, i finally do and i start getting excuses about a room mate and battling the town, stupid excuses i dont care about and has NOTHINGto do with me or the buisness agreement Tyler and I had, but i sympathize and give him the benifit of the doubt. He tells me he will get on the guns as soon as he can.
2-3 months go by, I have a difficult time contacting him again, still zero progress. Another hard time getting ahold of tyler, when i do finally get contact with tyler he tells me while all that “stuff” was going on he was re doing his shop so he could not get them done ( so tyler does not communicate with me to let me know there is a shop problem, the whole reason why i used his services he cannot perform becasue nothing is setup... )

So now tyler tells me it won’t be long and then the guns will start, but he is still waiting on a tatoo artist, so i told him very clearly, “ok screw the desgin, can you just do a 2 color simple anno job, the polish gold and olive dust, leave it at that and get this over and done with.”
Tyler says sure and i even emailed him about this, ( as tyler requested lots of emails for hard copy, so there is no denying this.)

.....Again months go by, and no progress, i get ahold of him after some serious effort, of course now im hearing more excuses about his work load is huge and he had to hire someon to help him, yet my guns are still and a very incomplete state from over 8 months ago ( even before this apprent work load) i ask for them back( reason being tyler is not following through with what i paid him for, im getting excuses, hard to contact, fear of never seeing my guns again, his sketchy behavior and all of this being one massive lost casue now.

But tyler says to me he will get it done ( i should have known by now...)

They are not done, its now november, 1 year later ish, no guns no progress, after a rough process of unanwered messages i finally get ahold of him after some serious effort but this time he calls me on facebook messenger(rather than text) it sucks and he told me his internet sucks, so IF! I can understand him, im lucky if the call does not drop, he said he is getting to them soon, i say no i just want them back ship them out, he said he will have them done in 2 weeks. Ok fine, do it ill have them, maybe this is hope....

NOPE! 2 weeks go by and nothing is done, so another stupid amount of time to get ahold of him and whoa do i get again, fb messneger call but only audio... i demend they get shipped back as i have setup this deal now to sell these angels to my buyer, tyler agrees but tells me he cant ship them out until Friday next week as he will be out of town, so i say whatever, please ship them Friday.
Friday shows up, no go, so i take all weekend trying to get ahold of him and finally do on Monday, blah blah blah, he says he will ship them next thusrday, so im wating almost 2 weeks again, Thursday shows up, no shipment out.

i wake up Friday morning, nothing at all, i tyext him and ask him to call me, he responds and of course tyler does not call. Saturday morning shows up he surprisingly texts me and says he is packing everything and shipping it out, ( dont forget this is super late, and on a weekend of course) acting like everything is fine, takes all day, finally gets them shipped and confirms it with a tracking number.... my word!

Of course they sit at the psot office all weekend, then get to me 1 week couple days later, which is was 12/10/17.

What a bunch of crap, pitted, burnt, faded see through anno on the g7, the a1 is now dust black for some reason,( even though tyler sent me pics of it being olive..and i sent it to him gloss black....., and some parts stripped of anno and if they were rusted....its prbly chemical residue...who knows. Its bull crap...and to top it off, im missing the a1 asa cap which tyler admits to having and has not sent it back!!

AND! The 3 gloss black angel barrel backs i wanted color matched were not complete either, im surprised i got back the a1 plate in the conditon it left my hands oringally in.

So looking at this, I backed out becasue tyler not completing/even doing his job, it was taking way to long, loaded with excuses and lies.

Tyler sent me pictures of the g7 with before anno/after anno, there are no pits in places where there were not even scratches at minimum. But becasue of the lack of skill, commitment and im preety sure tyler using my guns as guinea pigs for testing, the g7 us covered in acid/anno pitting.
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and as an update, as of 12/12/2017, i have assmelbed the g7 fly to find its tolerances have been exceeded from tylers aweful job, it now is not usable and leaks from every poosible place after a fresh install of parts. I had been buying new or good condition used parts over the year of not having the g7 fly. Everything installed this is the result: ( ive also been working on angels since 2004 so i at the very leat, have a general idea of hwat im doing, and being “ mechanical inclined for a living/career)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This is such incomplete unprofessional bull crap. And the funny part is tyler offered to anno another gun for free as an apology, this is insulting, as if i wanna send another markers to sit in his basement for another year to come back stripped and in worse conditon.
Tyler also cannot deny this as he knows how tolerances work with annodizing, yet... he destroyed my marker.

i realizxe the g7 was in some what rough condition, but i cearly told tyler, dont stress do waht you can for the deep scratches, but its actually worse than before, the pics tell all.....

i also know that black pitting from anno is not fault of the surface scratches, its fault of the annodizer
( this is just one article)

to quote
“Gentlemen, this black spotting in this thread is traditionally due to the oxidizing of the aluminum which can occur through acid contamination in the pretreatment process. Several have noted that they have seen this prior to anodizing or prior to coating, and that would support creation of the defect in the pretreatment process.

Joe Morgan (25+ years in OEM Paint Engineering)
- Morton, Illinois USA”

and as an update, as of 12/12/2017, i have assmelbed the g7 fly to find its tolerances have been exceeded from tylers aweful job, it now is not usable and leaks from every poosible place after a fresh install of parts.
BUT WAIT it does not end here ( there will be full email’s, text’s and messenger texts at the end of this post, in chronological order to provide full context) please understand, i trid to reason with tyler, i tried to be patient and understanding let alone polite and a mature adult.
also dont forget that this is not just about the g7 ( which brad and tyler tried to use words to make it only seem abou that. Its not. Its about the service, the agreement, the lies, the excuses, the destroyed and imcomplete markers, the lack of refund, the banning.

after all this, tyler fare of aesthetic annodzing decided to involve his his buddy brad potter the owner if east coast angel. I beleive his reason for this is me being involved in the public group on the angel ownrs website ( which brad potter is an admin of) and tyler fare having a deal worked out with brad potter to annodize a bunch of east coast angel branded a4 angels. ( this is my opinion and cannot prove this on paper, only what tons of people have told me)

i posted on the facebook page about my experience, and since then, aside from what was able to be “screenshotted”, all posts hve been removed to hide tyler and brad.
I have also been kicked out of group due to brad not wanting things to go public, brad holding a grivenace against a deal that did not go his way, claiming i am vindictive and commited extortion becasue my angels were destroyed, demanding a refund for my time and incomplete/destroyed markers, lack of professionalism and shady actions. So naturally brad has tried to turn this around and make me the bad guy ( and i beleive for the minimum of the reason i posted just above.

Id like to make all this clear for everyone.

This entire post ( but in some what less words) were posted publicly in the angel group on facebook, tyler took this as an attack ( even though i have tried many many times to contact him, alter and cancel my buisness with him, demand my items back etc) his excuse was becasue i did not contact him about my problems, i dont deserve a refund. And to be clear, i never asked for a full refund ( which was a poor decision) i wanted 500$ back of the total 650$ i sent him stated in this post.

(called SOOOO many times through out the year and nothing ever got done but says now it will. Tylers words are cheap and his actions prove this)

after making this public, brad potter stepped in and decided for some reason, he was Mr.Judge.
He is very manipulative and pressured me in to agreeing to a 300$ refund ( the pressure was by being banned from the group, which i have made alot of good freinds on there)

i changed my mind though over that night, thinking hard that i am being ripped off further and scammed further from these two. I also changed my mind as tyler did NOT want to refund me even the full 300$ he gave me more excuses and wanted to give me a 150/150 partial split.

(so he uses the excuse becasue i didnt try and contact him and went public, so i face a penalty now...)

so now becasue tyler is giving me excuses and still refusing to give me a refund, i slept and thought really hard, that he is still trying to rip me off, so i responded ( and i beleive still in a fair way) that i wanted 500 of the 650$ back. I know alot of people dont agree with this, but ive been trying very hard to reason with him, 150$ for his time, and the rest back to me, obviously this was not good enough for tyler, even after destroying my markers, and having brad as his infulence to rip me off further.

for the record, tyler blinsided himself by making the choices he did towards me and my markers. I didnt choose to not do his job, or lie, or take a whole year, or make it impossible to contact him.

the next morning, i assume brad and tyler talked, as i was banned from the angel owners group, and brad had many rude things to say about me.
i messaged tyler and told him payment was due that day becasue of brad getting involved like that. So i was banned.

the only way i was able to get any money from tyler, was on the day he was supposed to refund me, he waited till 11:59 pm, and all day i had to spam call him just to figure out what was going on, becasue once again, tyler does not communicate, does not care, is deceitful and shaddy towards his buisness practice.

tyler fare and brad potter are extermnely shady and i urge all to stay away from them and their business which are " east coast angels and aesthetic anodizing. This urge is based on my experince with them via public forum and thorugh buinsess agreements.
this in no way is applicable to slander but to a public review to buisness practice.

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( He’s afraid im gonna twist workds becasue of a phone call, when he has been shady all year long, this is called hypocrisy)

i received 150$ to total only 300$ received back. With all of this being said, it’s hardly any kind of compensation at all.

Below are the screenshots of emails, texts and messenger texts, this will provide the entire timeline and everything that was said. They are categorized under “Emails”, “Texts”, and “FB Texts”, “PICS” ( for all the angel marker images) and “VARIOUS” ( these contain facebook posts about tyler fare, brad potter, deleted posts in context, etc) pay attention to the dates so the timeline is clear with each category.

To finish, i will not nor ever reccomened Tyler Fare of aestethic annodzing or brad potter of east coast angel, ( as there is tons of info that brad is out to scam people.)
(brad treats people like crap, what does he excpet about how they will treat him back. He is also mentioned in this review becasue he decided to involve himself in buinsess that had nothing to do with him, so he is now being treated as a partner to tyler that i had to deal with near the end of this situation)

And tyler, once again, did this to himself. Even at resolution he still decided to rip me off even after i said it was his choice, “please to the right thing.”

due to the actions and charecteristics of both of these fellows, i have to put this to cover myself from who they are

*disclaimer, this is personal opinion in a way of no slander, this is public review towards a buisness transaction(s) and interaction(s) of said buisness transaction(s)/Dealing(s) with or towards.

Screen shots of emails:

FB Texts:

TEXTS: ( yea much better but he still botches the final product) ( yea looks good through a phone camera ( even admits very little pitting, but yet i get it back and its loaded with pitting everywhere, even where it should not be) so i sent him 200$ and he actually did nothing, i paid tlyer to do nothing at this point, never found an artist, didnt do anything with the base apparently he anno;d my a1 to a dust black to spite me...
still trying to have a calm adult conversation with him, apologies even, when its not my fault...
and the excuses start to full bore
to note, on the side brad had been talking to tyler and manupulating me to go for half ( at the time i though i only payed 600 i had to look back obviosuly it was more)
still scamming with the partial payment
wants brad to look at my angel, yea thats gonna go well
this was when brad decided to ban me
pretty pissed off at this point as my grammar and punctuation is all over the place
take some mothers to the barrel he says, well if you did your job you would not be asking the customer to finish it...
really shows his character, it is also when i had to spam call him.
this is the last communiation with tyler

VARIOUS: ( understand the posts about brad are to view the charecter of him, towards banning me while keeping tyler in the group and how he treats others so only he can beneift, even if it means invloving himself in buisness that has nothing to do with him)
the attitude and character of brad potter
so his goal is to knowingly rip people off, hoard the gear and sell it for a premium, wether it works or not, admits it then gets all sad becasue he gets treated badly and gets nothing in return.
what do you think giving is? I mean it couldnt be selflessness hey?
have to bring everything to brad or ban hammer, its actually like a complete control society, masonic to compare. < might be a double post
see the trend?

you be the judge, its not even really about brad, its that a buisness proposition was agreed upon, tyler did not follow his end and wants to reap rewards for that by taking my money.
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Dang. That’s crazy.
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Can't believe I just read all that.

I got scammed on here by one of the custom parts making guys. Took a year to get a spring feed

After that I decided I would do only local deals for work type stuff. Seen too many guns ate up by bad anodizers
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Hope it works out.
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This is an epic post.
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When you post in the group on FB, it becomes the page admins responsibility to oversee the dealings when you have major issues like this. There were 2 other admins you could have asked to handle this, but you and Tyler agreed to let Brad handle it. Had you not posted in the group, and posted, say, on Tylers page on FB, there would have been no need for a 3rd party, but the way you handled it, made the 3rd party a necessity. I do remember seeing this unfold, and believe me, if Tyler and Brad are the only ones at fault, you need to open your eyes. EVERYONE was at fault, it could have been handled far better on all parties. And remember, one admin cant kick you, a second admin had to be convinced in order for you to be banned.
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I'm sorry but you sound Tyler, biased and unfactual, Tyler knew all year about the problem, i contacted him and asked.multiple times guns back and he never complied, I posted on Facebook ywoce to get attention to get my markers back, the first time he still didn't complied and took at least! A minimum of another month, stop trying to make a defense about making contact, it's old and a terrible excuse, contacting him about already destroyed.markers, an incomplete job and Tyler already having zero communication, and near impossible does not.juarody the excuse " I should have let him know" F or months I let him know I wanted them back. So your whole comment is extremely invalid,

And yes one admin can pick me.out and he did, if you read the post you would see this, i even posted pics/screenshots. The other admin was only chimed in to help Brad after the fact, not during or even before hand. Several.people even posted it was very unfair that I got banned and Tyler didn't, sontheor voices could be heard but mine was silenced. It is exactly sound, so I don't buy your comment being nutreal towards the facts.

Your logicl is also very one sided, it's fault it took Tyler over a year to hardly do anything, it's fault.tyler did not.communicate with me, it's not my fault Tyler lied, it's fault the jobs were not completed, you are making this out to sound like I had a fiar hand in the incomplete job that was handled, when the facts are, all the above choices and actions were nothing I could control I voiced wants needs and concerncs very clearly to Tyler, yet the situation is disfunctional because he refused to do his job in every aspect. Brad had nothing to do with this and given the context of where I posted, and even the threads posted before, he backed up Tyler and made it sound like I was the bad guy. So no, everything you said is extremely biased and untrue, you don't need a second admin to ban someone, any can do that with a mouse click.

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