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A marker for my 4 year old

Let me start by quashing the scoffers - I don't intend to have my 4 year old son play paintball, haha.

That being said, my son really loves to shoot my paintball guns, he has a blast every time I get them out. He even likes to help me take them apart and change orings and such. I'd really like for him to have a marker of his own, something he can call his, and he can both shoot it and maintain it himself.

My main considerations are
- overall size and weight should be on the small/light side
- internals should be reasonably simple

He has no problem with screwdrivers and allen keys, so he's pretty good at taking apart my Tippmann 98, and my JT ER2. But the problem he has with both of those is that he struggles with the fiddly bits - like trigger springs, or the front sight spring - and gets frustrated putting the clamshells back together on those. I admit, I get a little frustrated with those too

He does great with the simplicity of my Kaos, but it's a little big for his hands, and especially so when I have a tank on the ASA.

So in the all encompassing experiences of the MCB community - anything come to mind that would be particularly appropriate?
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phantom comes to mind.
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Pump... definitely a Phantom... That is what Athena, my step daughter, was using at 10. She can tear it down and reassemble it without an issue.

Semi... Any of the Ion based markers. They are cheap, light weight, and fairly simple to work on. If you grab one of the mechanical ones they are super simple to work on.


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Man, that's teaching early. By the time the kid is 10 and can play at a pay field, should be a beast.

Invert Mini.

Cheap, easy to work on, reliable. Small.
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Why not find a .50cal Spyder? STBB like your Kaos, but just slightly scaled down.
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eNMey. I picked one up on a whim, the performance to cost is staggering. Tool less tear down, light weight since it is mainly composite, no electronics to worry about. With enough o-rings I would guess it would last until they are ready to hit the field.
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I need this!
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PGP2? They're a little heavier than some of the other suggestions here but this is MCB after all. Start the brass addiction early...
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Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
...He even likes to help me take them apart and change orings and such.
While you will get your fair share of boos....
I wont be one!
I applaud anything that gets kids interested on the mechanics and maintenance of things. As of late this has become a dying thing, as kids are more interested in snapchat and video games.
"Mechanics" are starting training not knowing the difference between a Phillips or a slotted driver.
I taught my 7 yo the basics of soldering and by 8 he was doing simple circuits, My 14 yo knows how to change oil and brake pads. They have learned valuable lessons but most importantly the safety and respect of the tools involved.
There are so many technical aspects to these markers, even on a simple level. Even learning how to take something apart and organize parts so they can be put back is a lesson in itself.
Feed off this early interest in them! the lessons he learns now at his age..especially on the safety end...will carry with him much longer.

That being said....and always safety IS the first lesson...
imo...any tippmann 98ish thing will do. Not too many different sized rings, and the mechanics are basic.
Parts are large for smaller hands and the parts themselves are pretty robust. most rings can be sourced at the local home depot. I started mine on a Gryphon...
same guts as a half the weight.
the plastic shell has lotsa screws which is good...itll work his hands more to build strength and manual dexterity. NO screw guns! make em work!.
if i had one laying around...or find one...ill give to to ya! hes a future mechanic and foundation to the next wave of players to keep the sport breathin'!

Good Luck!
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I have an eNMEy or three sitting around. They are easy to maintain and don't have a bunch of little bits to get lost with.

Otherwise, pumps like CCI Phantoms, PMI Tracer, and ACI Maverick are also fun choices. You could always do a Goblin as well
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That's crazy, I can't even tech my own marker.

That said, I do know a guy selling a mini over in the bst. *Shameless.plug*
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