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qmto Reviews - Red Paintballs

I'm sure my opinions on red fill won't match up with everyone's out there, but I've always had a thing for red paint fill, I used to buy it all the time around 2006-8 when the fields around me were BYOP. Back then Karnage used to make a brilliant red fill that I adored (a picture of Karnage's fill appears in the video).

Nowadays, Nelson (yeah they're still around!) still makes a red fill ball, and I review it in my latest video! Hope y'all enjoy it, I do go a little crazy in this one.

Note: Overnight shipping on paintballs is not a great idea.
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Hahahahaha that intro

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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Man... I miss Nelson paint, to a point. NSPB here used to use it as their field paint. It always shot really nicely. Their old fill though.. if you didn't clean it immediately, it turned to glue.

How did you find the fill for staining? Back when I was with we had some red Marbs that stained like a mother, and was almost un-shoot-ably brittle.
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This paint honestly had the thinnest fill I'd seen since Brass Eagle Wildstreak. You can see a sped up sorta time lapse of how runny it is on the mask at the end of my insane song. It's so thin it actually doesn't even stick to the lens, so staining wasn't a problem.
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Speaking as once a field owner, the main reason ketchup-red fill balls aren't common is because it looks too much like blood.

Fine for the player, not so fine for the field owner and refs.

At my field, years ago, a kid brought a box of blood-red SuperBall. And I mean blood red- this stuff could have passed for fake blood in any horror movie.

We don't know this, as our field was BYOP and the kid didn't exactly announce it, but I'm at my check-in table after one of the first games of the day, and this player comes walking out with a huge bloodstain on his bare leg, which has run down and stained his sock.

My first thought was he'd gotten cut or stabbed by something out on the field, and rush over with a roll of paper towels and our first-aid kit.

Yeah, it all wiped off, and the player barely even had a mild welt. But for the rest of the day, me, the co-owner of the field, and our refs, were constantly kept in a mild state of panic when we'd see "blood" dripping out of some kid's ear, a big "bloodstain" on another players back, a wad of "bloody" paper towels on one of the tables, etc.

No, thank you. If I were still a field owner today, and my field was BYOP, I would absolutely NOT allow ketchup-red paint, under ANY circumstances.

A good field needs to maintain a fun, safe playing environment, and the owner and referees need to be able to watch for injuries, and attend to them immediately if they occur. Getting a bunch of "false positives" from blood-red paint doesn't help- it annoys the refs and owner, and possibly leads to delays in attending to an actual injury.

It's not a good PR thing for your local field, either, when the players come back from it covered in "blood".

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qmto you still need to do an impulse review dogg
kinda wanna get one
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I like the idea of red paint But i see the reason why field owners would be nervous about it, like Doc said.

Thanks for quickly reviewing the S4P bloodball too! I have been curious about that paint since I found it last year online, but never sprung to buy any.
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Nelson paint is great. I think the high wholesale price prevents a lot of fields from carrying it.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Someone ban that painthappy dude
Stock class = 12grams and a stick feed. End discussion.
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I played on a field where one of the field paint options was "blood red" and everyone looked like they were very messy butchers by the end of the day. Hell, my paintball pants still have some stains from the paint 10 years later!

It was kinda unnerving afterwards to see your friends covered in blood red paint and I think the parents that brought their kids didn't like it, mostly if it was everyone's first time. Needless to say that paint option didn't last but a year, it was good quality paint too and was the main reason why I bought it over the other paint.
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i love nelson paint, literally all I use but I can pick it up locally.
I have converted a few people to it as well. doesnt matter what you shoot it out of it always flies straight.
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