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Anyone use a Sconi freak carbon fiber barrel


I came across the Sconi freak carbon fiber barrel on eBay. It looks nice and a good price for a project. Does anyone have one of these barrels or experience with any of his barrels? If you do have one I may bug you for some dimensions.

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I don't have the carbon barrel but I have one of his freak compatible barrel backs that accept UL tips and I'm very happy with it, especially for the price. I read lots of good reviews on his barrel items before I bought the back. The backs are one inch shorter than an actual dye back so a 14in tip is only 13in overall when put on the sconi back.
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I emailed him once asking how his CF compares to the Deadlywind. He said "similar". Didn't buy one but I have owned his aluminum 2 piece before and really liked it, so I would say the CF barrel is a good bet.

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I want to know if the mastersconi fiber barrels have the same threads as the adapters on the DW FiberX barrels. They appear to be a similar set up, but I do not have the parts at hand to test fit compatibility.
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