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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
I went with a bunch of co-workers back around '97 to what was at the time called The Foxhole in Linglestown, PA (now Linglestown Paintball). The bug bit me hard and I immediately started shopping for my own gear. I ended up with a Spyder TL+ which I eventually sold to get my Bob Long Signature Series Cocker and my first Phantom. I played fairly regularly up until around '03 when things started getting tight. Ten years, a new degree and a more stable job later, Lurchness Monster invites me to go playing again. I dusted off the old gear and got bit by the bug just like I did before. A couple games later The Flounder invites me to join the team (previously Hansbury's Horde - now The Expandables). The rest is history.
This is akin to my own experience.

Played with some school friends in the backwoods of Boscawen, NH in spring of 2000. Got shot to hell, but had a great time. Bought a Spyder Xtra off of "" and continued to get my *** beat at this speedball course we set up in a trailer park junkyard. Stopped playing around 2005 due to financial, time, and interest restraints. Bought an original Trracer and started playing outlaw pump in 2009 and now I'm back to being a gun whore and playing 3-4 times/month.

I like paintball.
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Started in He summer of 92 playing with a friends older brother and his crew. Got to shoot a K2 for my first game. Not long after a friend of a friend started a 5 man team and I played with them for spring and summer of 93 and played a 5man woodsball tourney. We all graduated and paintball fell by the wayside.
Around 03’ another buddy had a decent price of property we played outlaw on. That got me back in. Then my Z1 threw a cup seal and I found MCB to source parts. It all went downhill from there...

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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
I found MCB to source parts. It all went downhill from there...
Ain't that the truth. Before MCB, I had a lot more money and I never thought of mayo as anything but a condiment.
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Well, I think all I can say is Hacker.

Yes, he is real!
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Back in 2002 me and my friends would play war games in the back yard with just sticks and the old "pew pew youre dead" technique. This wasn't quite enough so I googled paintball and found a website that was all about paintball "sniping". This convinced me and my brother and a few friends to pick up a couple old ex-rental trracers off e-bay and have it out in the yard. Eventually we upgraded guns and I ended up with a Spyder 2000 which was great except it went through a whole bag of paint in a single day and I couldn't afford that kind of play on a middle school kids budget. This prompted me to look around for groups online that catered to pump play and I stumbled across MCB when it was a wee lad back in 2003-2004 timeframe. I picked up a PGP and really got into old guns and the rest is history.
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Back in 1987 the local newspaper had an article about a survival game in it played locally. After reading the article about 10 times I convinced my mom that me and my best friend had to go try it.
We found out from the article the local Surplus store rented PGP pistols and Sheridan rifles along with Uvex goggles and woodstalk masks.
Showed up to the outlaw field with 1 PGP, 1 pair of goggles, 1 mask and I think 10 tubes of Nelson paint and some CO2 cartridges to split between my best friend and I. We took turns that day and were hooked immediately.
On one of my first games I was working with a woman and we were sneaking up on the guy who had the SMG-60. As we got closer my heart was racing, walking towards a machine gun was terrifying to me at 11 years old! We split up around a mound of dirt to try and flank him. I crested the edge of the berm and had his entire back as a target. Oh man, I couldn't believe how lucky I was that he hadn't heard me!
I steadied my pistol with shaking hands, aimed and fired. The round missed his left ear by inches and splattered the tree trunk next to him, alerting him to my presence. He spun around and let me have the whole 20 round magazine. From the tip of my boot to the top of my goggles was 20 bright orange splats! I fell backwards with the pain and shock of having been annihilated so fast. My flanking partner finished him off with a quick headshot as he was reloading, then checked on me. I was fine but my pride was hurt.
That day my friend and i left the field both with orange spots staining our camos and vowing to return with some rifles. He ended up with a Tippmann SL-68 and I worked as a paperboy until I could save up and buy the Brass Eagle Cobra. We played outlaw all through junior high and high school, until a real field opened up in our county.
I joined the Army and found different fields to play at everywhere I was stationed.
Despite a recent 8 year hiatus due to wife and kids taking up my play money, I've been playing competition and woodsball for over 32 years.
Getting back on this forum has been a real memory jog for me, and now I can find (& afford) those guns I never could as a teen and young adult.
Thanks paintball, for the adrenaline rush you always bring, the memories I've made, and the smiles to everyone's faces when they play. I look forward to teaching my boys the finer things in life like how to longball with a Sniper II [emoji2]

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Woodsball/Tourney/late 90's NPPL/Recreational now

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Around Xmas '02, watched my cousin cleaning some parts, asked him about it. He was cleaning the bolt assembly of an old Matrix. Told me about paintball, and a month later I ordered my own starter gear from Action Village. Spyder E99, co2 tank, VForce Shield, Revvy, and some generic pack & pods.

March '03, late afternoon, I played my first game. Cousin knew some dudes that worked at a gravel-covered auction yard full of decommissioned buses & cars. Mask kept fogging up. Took my first hit in the shoulder. Took my second hit in the mask, courtesy of my cousin. I slipped on the gravel while running, fell directly on my knee.

After playing, we went to Target to clean & bandage the big bloody gash on my left knee. Then we met our other cousins at Starbucks.

I've been playing off & on every since.
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I got started when I got invited to a friends house to play in the woods. My Dad had a VM68 he used for Training (He was a weapons training officer for NYS). So he handed me this big heavy lunk of metal and sent me off to the woods to play. I had to purchase my own stuff and paint was expensive. The guys I played with there parents payed for cases of paint for them and they had Spiders. I spent all my money on paint and CO2 fills. The smell of brass and CO2 still brings back memories. Other hobbies like BMX and RC trucks took over for a bit until my friend invited me out to a commercial field played Xball for the first time. I had a great job in construction at the time and had disposable income. I was hooked my fiend eventually stoped playing but I had made a name for myself at the local fields and got in with some good players and teams. I worked my way up threw the ranks travling to National events playing for random teams. I lived and breathed paintball. Had free rides to some events all I had to do is show up and play. Life was good. Then the politics of Paintball almost had me throwing in the towel. I was burnt out and it wasn't fun anymore I was hooked to the rush but it was more like a job then something I enjoyed. I stoped playing in New Jersey sold off all my electros except for one (jic) and picked up a pump and went back to the woods. At a local Scenario I met Papa Tooch. Papa Tooch was the local organizer. He brought me in to the 518h Brigade a collective of local woods ball players and random teams. Woods was an easy transition for me as I had played competitively for years. I met a bunch of like minded Pump players the Rubber Ducks and the rest is history. We play for fun now and that is what brought Paintball back to me. These days I play a ton of Stock Class Paintball. I enjoy my local fields and rec days meeting new players and playing more then ever. No politics just good fiends running around the woods shooting at each other.
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its 1984/85 I was 13 or 14 and a mate said he need some extra guys for some game he had was expensive $3.50 for 10 rounds $35 field fees..anyway it was in the swap lands on the back of an amusement park.. you had a choice of bolt action rifles or bolt action pistols..later there was the ngs .62, we had shop glasses, it was hot, smelly covered in mud and thorns..and loved it...I was hooked from then probably helped that it turned out I was a sneaky little bstrd and managed to nail most of the older tougher kids my mate and invited.
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In the spring/summer of 1999 a friend of mine got a paintball marker, a Spyder Compact, and started playing. I'm not entirely sure how he'd met Jon Morrell (some might know him from the CFOA), but I believe they went to the same church. See the church my friend went to was just up the hill from Jon's (parents) house, and I'm pretty sure he/they went to that church.

Jon had an outlaw field setup in the woods behind his house. It wasn't on his property, but supposedly he'd gotten permission from the property owner. As I recalled they played there nearly every Thursday, and so I went with my friend one day. I rented some gear from Jon, a Tippmann Model 98, and played for the first time. I enjoyed it and keep playing for the rest of the summer. In the Fall I ordered my first marker from a Jon, a Spyder Compact kit with everything I'd need to play. I a bit later got a call from Jon telling me that the Spyder Compact was being replaced by the Spyder Compact 2000 (because it was 1999, and everything had to have "2000" in its name somewhere). He told me it was the same price, the various "upgrades" it had from the original Compact, and asked if I'd rather get that instead. Well obviously I did, so I got my first paintball marker, which I still own to this day.

I'd still pay at Jon's occasionally, but had started to play more at a local field, Line of Fire. Sometime around late 2000 or so I got red Spyder Shutter (which I also still have) because I was 16, and so distracted by the shiny that I didn't realize that it was just basically a pretty version of my Compact 2000.

Later I picked up my first brass, a PGP 2/2k1 (again, which I still have), after I'd won a Ricochet hopper in a raffle and had traded towards it (I had a revvy, and thus didn't need it).

I played until 2002 when everyone I knew had pretty much stopped playing, or moved away, or whatever. I ended up taking a 10 year hiatus till 2012 when a then 13 year old cousin invited me to go play with a bunch of his friends knowing I'd played in the past. I had fun showing the little kiddies that this "old geezer" (compared to them that is) could still play. Actually, I feel like I was playing even better. It seems like mentally I was a much better player. I'd learn the next day however that physically I wasn't. While I didn't have any problems while playing, thanks to the adrenaline high, I was sore all over the next day. I didn't play again till a year later, despite repeated attempts to get my cousin and his friends to go play. I finally got them to play again in late 2013. I started to go play more often in 2014 with just my cousin, as his friends always would say they'd be there, but then would never show up. September of 2014 I decided to buy some more modern gear and bought my first electric, an Axe. When I was a teen I'd wanted an Angel so bad, but I just couldn't afford it. I bought a membership at another local field, Wolverine, for me and my cousin, and we started playing more regularly (him less so).

By late summer 2015 my cousin was out, but I keep playing. I'd also joined this forum, which proved a huge mistake for my wallet. I started collecting all of the markers that teenaged me had wanted, and then many others that caught my interest. And so here we are today.
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