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so i guess ill add my 2 balls..... so i was at my friends house and we were playing computer or ps2 and i saw something on the floor and asked what it was and he said it was a model 98 with a jj ceramic barrel and i was like what? its a paintball marker. so one day he said he got a new marker its was an spider electra (the one that is purple to fade pink ish ) anyway he lived buy a forest and we went out and well shoot at each other and i lost and got hit in my knee.

so at some point i got a SILVER 98 custom with a jt spectra mask and 20oz co2 tank all for $500. so my first game at the field i got my silver 98 and my gray hoodly with gray sweat pants (at lest i was matching) and well ran to a tree and stayed there the whole game. the second game i got shot in the back 6 times (man that hert) but i dint quit that's the point.
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Originally Posted by thrasher_565 View Post
so at some point i got a SILVER 98 custom with a jt spectra mask and 20oz co2 tank all for $500.
I forgot how expensive blowbacks used to be. I think my Spyder Xtra by itself was like $180.
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First time I heard of paintball was at a friend's birthday party when I was 9-10. I say friend, more like church acquaintance. Anywho, at this birthday party, he had a little target range for shooting paintballs using blowguns. I want to say they were 6mm paintballs, but that was too long ago.

A few years later, my cousin took me paintballing for his 13th birthday. This would have been 2004 ish? My cousin had wanted to try it for a while, and was nice enough to wait for his 13th birthday, when I would be 12 and old enough to go. He told me of these cool guns the pros had, with double triggers that you would shoot super fast. I was subsequently disappointed to see the rentals, which I can't remember what they were. Anyway, we went to a field on Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, where my cousin's dad was stationed. We basically just dinked around for a few hours, didn't play by any rules except for "Ok you're getting too close now."

My cousin got a bunch of gear, and would go somewhat regularly. I did not, as I didn't have money to buy anything. By 2006, my cousin (who was a really poor sport back then) basically rage quit the sport. My parents were getting stuff from his family for a yard sale to fund an adoption from China, and my cousin's paintball stuff was thrown in. I remember driving home from their house, looked back into the back of our jeep and saw the boxes of paintball stuff. I asked if we could keep it instead of sell it, and my dad said something to the effect of "yeah that was kinda the plan."

So I got a Piranha GSX (a custom milled STBB sold exclusively to big box stores), another older Piranha STBB, and a Model 98 with a cracked powertube. First time I was able to go out and use them was with my cousin again, a few days before Christmas 2006. I pretty much got obsessed at this point. I started playing fairly regularly with my cousin's friend Allen, who also lived on the Air Force base. We would go out there almost monthly. It took me something like 6 months before I actually hit anyone. But I very quickly found pbreview, and started trolling around posting reviews about stuff I hardly knew about.

My high school library had a subscription to APG, and every year they would give away their magazines that were 3 years old. So a few months after I started playing and got obsessed, I managed to get a handful of issues from 2003. I remember flipping thru the first issue and came across a full-page advertisement for the DYE Reflex and Ultralite autocockers. Naturally, there were a lot of articles talking about that trademark closed bolt accuracy, as well as a monthly column devoted to pump. So I became very interested in both.

About a year into playing, I finally got my 98 fixed and started playing with it. I liked it much more than my Piranha, so I looked around online for upgrades and found It pretty much became my home, so I was surrounded by the modding culture there. I learned a great deal about upgrades and what was actually worth doing from those guys. I truly lamented when that board died.

About a year and a half after starting, I bought my Trilogy from PBN. Became hooked on cockers instantly. That same year (2008) I started modding my 98 into a pump (because it was cheaper than buying a phantom, the only pump I knew of at the time). I don't remember joining here, but I remember helping a friend fix a leaking PGP, and came here looking for help. Splattttttt loaned me a Sheridan valve tool, shipped it across the country, paid shipping both ways, sent a ton of seals for me, etc. I was blown away by his generosity, and I've been here ever since, annoying the **** out of all y'all.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
Originally Posted by Jack Wood View Post
ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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I miss the inaccurate joy that was PBR.
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Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
I miss the inaccurate joy that was PBR.
Are you implying that a 21" sniper barrel won't make my shots fly farther and straighter like all the reviews said it would?
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The first time I played was 1989. It was fun but I thought the equipment was pretty lame.

Sheridan pumps with 12 grams. Never went back.

Fast forward to September 2017; my brother in law used to play quite a bit and challenged my wife and sister to go play. (they were talking smack)

We had Tippmann 98's for rentals and it was a blast.

Now I have 4 markers and impatiently await spring so we can play outside.
I never knew all those years in the Army were just training for Woodsball.......
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Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
This is akin to my own experience.

Played with some school friends in the backwoods of Boscawen, NH in spring of 2000. Got shot to hell, but had a great time. Bought a Spyder Xtra off of "" and continued to get my *** beat at this speedball course we set up in a trailer park junkyard. Stopped playing around 2005 due to financial, time, and interest restraints. Bought an original Trracer and started playing outlaw pump in 2009 and now I'm back to being a gun whore and playing 3-4 times/month.

I like paintball.
LOL - Me and a couple of buds cut our teeth playing outlaw in Boscawen about a decade earlier 1989-1992 when we invested in our first "real" markers a/k/a F-1 Illustrator, Tippman Pro-Am, classic L7 automag.
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Originally Posted by RusskiX View Post
LOL - Me and a couple of buds cut our teeth playing outlaw in Boscawen about a decade earlier 1989-1992 when we invested in our first "real" markers a/k/a F-1 Illustrator, Tippman Pro-Am, classic L7 automag.
That's awesome! Where did you play? We play on Stirrup Iron road down past the prison.
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Hmm... when I was a young pup I was too scared to play. Never actually played, just didn't like it (for some strange reason). Only had one friend that played and he had a Spyder Electra. I thought it was pretty cool (lights and stuff...).

Played one game with him at the now closed indoor field in VA where PEVS used to have a shop, long time ago. It was ok... I recall people gawking at at least one Angel and a couple Autocockers. One guy had a whole vacuum looking thing feeding paintballs from his back.

There I was 98 in hand... and a fogged mask.

Skip to last 6 years and my brother was neck deep in paintball. Played tournament, reffed, and worked at a field. He also moved a lot of different guns around. One day I went with him. Then I went back... and so on and so forth.

Then I bought a gun, then 5 more. Really got into the tinkering aspect of it, and the thrill of using it all day to paint faces.

Bought a Spyder EMR5 for cheap before the whole magfed craze sparked. I think there was only the spyder, DAM, and maybe a early Milsig as options, outside of the Tiberius pistol setups. Tacamo kits were not even released yet.

Still have that marker and joined a scenario team.

Now it's a struggle balancing work, family, and paintball.
But I love it so much. Even days when I play so badly I hardly play at all I always feel good getting out there.
I like Spyders.
MR1, MR2 LP, EMR5 LP, EM-1, Raven Primal, Victor, Fenix.

Magfed Hurricane with T15 Mags
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I'll toss in my 2 cents. My first experience with paintball came when my best friend came over with a pair of K Mart Brass Eagles to try out. I wasn't really impressed but I was hooked. I decided to go to the only local paintball shop to see what was out there and bought a Tippmann 98 Custom ( that I still have) and a cheap Tippmann mask. We had a rematch in the backyard and it became fun when his paint was dropping 15 feet in front of me and I was tagging at will. That weekend he showed up with a 98 Custom too. We played backyard ball for 2 years on my 15 acres and brought my oldest son into the fold when he turned 12. Life intervened and it wasn't until 2013 that my 2 younger son's started to get interested and pulled that old 98 out of the storage bin. They all became interested and actually got me back playing again. Then came the costliest mistake of my life...MCB. I lurked in the shadows for quite a while looking,watching, and reading everything I could. Then the brass bug hit and soon after Palmers became an obsession. I really have enjoyed the people I've talked with, purchased things from, or debated with. Even with all the medical problems I've had in the past few years ( the big C , open heart surgery, ect,ect) I still get excited for a new season and the chance to help newer players. To all of you... thanks.
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