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Hmmmm, where the begin?
First the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat so they died and turned into oil...

I can't remember the exact year that I first played but I'm pretty sure it was around 1988 or 1989. My friend and I went to a field in Coal Valley Illinois. Unfortunately the field is no longer there. Anyway, my buddy's dad paid for our rentals and signed our waivers for us and turned us loose with a big group of walk-ons. Our rentals were some breed of nelson based pump, I want to say TASO Spartans maybe.
We had a blast over several games of capture the flag. I remember being pretty proud of eliminating one of the guys on the other team that had one of the few semi-autos available at the time. I picked him off through the back door of our HQ when he went for our flag.

Fast forward a few years. In JR High and High School my older brother got his first paintball gun, a Tippmann Pro-lite. So to play outlaw ball with him I ordered myself a brass eagle tigershark, and we played with a couple buddies that got themselves diablo pumps. These were mostly played on state park land before the Iowa DNR adopted a "no paintball allowed" policy. On one of these outings I also got to use a friend's VM-EXC for the first time and I was hooked on the idea of playing with a big loud Semi-auto.

Skipping ahead to my Senior year of high school, I got together with some friends from work to play at a new outdoor field that had opened up in the Quad Cities, and to keep up with the Joneses I ordered myself a PMI Piranha STS G3.

That Piranha served me well through the college years and afterwards. During the college years I went off to the University of Northern Iowa. At some drunken point during this period of my life the subject of paintball came up with a bunch of frat guys that I knew, and we decided to put together a game at the local field. Prior to the game some of us got the idea to wear our T-shirts with the red Cobra logo and play on the same side. Also, while at UNI I started working at the Kwik Star convenience store just off campus which is where I met MstrTal. Together we took the Cobra paintball team idea a step further and started traveling to scenario paintball games along with friends from Wisconsin that we met through playing the MMORPG Everquest.

From there, the Cobra Paintball Fanatics evolved and membership grew as we started hanging out and camping with the same groups of people at scenario games. Along the way our equipment evolved, and somewhere along the way we swapped out the Cobra T-shirts for team jerseys. At one of the first games we ever played at Sherwood Forest in Indiana, we encountered paintball tanks for the first time, and being somewhat powerless against them prompted me to buy myself a JCS MKX launcher that I named after quarterback Chuck Long.

Eventually MXS went out of business, and the scenario game selection for the Midwest got whittled down to a handful of viper games, and a few one shot scenario start-ups or field run scenarios.
Then after playing at Living Legends 5, the team pretty much got hit with a case of the "thirty somethings", where it was more difficult to get everyone together for scenario events because everyone got busy moving around, working on their careers and building families and what not.

Last Summer some of us got together for a small reunion at a lake house in Geneva, WI. We spent a great time reminiscing about the past events and all the good memories.
This year it is time to get the band back together, and many of us have resolved to hit a scenario game (or two or three).
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Anyone who thinks they can out-birddog a birdog, regardless of weather conditions, is just stupid.
My Feedback

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This, the movie ZERO BOYS from 1986. The 10 minutes are a paintball game.

I remember exactly when I first saw the movie Zero Boys. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen in 1986. I knew a little about paintball, as it had been on the occasional TV or film. For those that didn't play back then, the video will seem ridiculous, but that was pretty much EXACTLY how I looked at paintball

But this was the first time they showed a whole "game" designed to look sorta realistic. I was hooked.... but I didn't know about any fields, or anyone who even played. Also, too young to drive. I figured I'd never actually play, but I ended up getting obsessed anyway, and spent all my free time making drawings of equipment, players, etc, planning out games, fields. Sorta like a paintball-version of D&D.

Then by chance, my mother (a nurse) told me she was treating someone who had a hardware store that sold some paintguns. Holy cow, I had her pick me up some equipment. (splatmaster) Still had no one to play with, but it was still pretty awesome. The next step was getting all my friends guns, so we have enough people to play a game.

Then we turned someones backyard into a field. It even had a pond with a fort in the middle. The whole place was pretty awesome. Trouble was there was only 4 of us. There is only so many ways to play with 4 people.

Then the most amazing thing happened: My brother mentioned that he heard about a "wargame" in town. A real commercial field! It ended up being JUST A DAMN MILE FROM MY HOUSE!! It had been there a couple years, yet I'd never heard of it. This was all pre-internet, and paintball didn't advertise. It was all word-of-mouth, so next to impossible to find where they are.

For a couple years I peddled my bike to that field. Crazy those days.

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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
This, the movie ZERO BOYS from 1986. The 10 minutes are a paintball game..

is that the Mormon one where they're snowboarding while playing paintball without hoppers before the title card?

if so 10/10
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1985. I was just coming out of a less-than-employed period, and my fried Chris Finley and I were sitting around trying to come up with some ideas to add some excitement to our lives:

"Wanna go....whitewater rafting?"


"Wanna go- bungee jumping?"


"Wanna go play paintball?"


We had seen a sign in the side of the road for a paintball field on Crane Canyon road in Sonoma County for 'Wargames", so we all loaded up and went out on a Wednesday night (I wish more fields did that, btw) and played until the sun went down.

The field was a cow pasture with lots of Oak trees, known as "The Mosquito Pit". The first hit I took was to my right kidney by my friend Bill Petre, whom I had just run past.

Had a great time, go covered with welts, no chono, no barrel plugs, no safe zone- no problem!

We went to the Roundtable Pizza Chris managed and had pizza and beer to celebrate.
Paintball is not any better for all its "Technology"
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Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
I forgot how expensive blowbacks used to be. I think my Spyder Xtra by itself was like $180.
ya kinda funny. angles and autocockers (atles the dye and shocktech and other's were) oh and impulse were like $1500 and up. now we have markers that are like $2600 +. arnt things sapos to get cheaper? i no the ion changed things but what happen after that?
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Originally Posted by Spades45 View Post
is that the Mormon one where they're snowboarding while playing paintball without hoppers before the title card?
No, this one starts off with an odd nazi-cowboy themed game at title card.
I'm not sure which one your thinking of.

Around 86 was also Master Blaster, Combat High, and a little later, Alls Fair. All of those showed fairly realistic 80s style games. Alls Fair even had SMGs.

Lots of people remember Gotcha, but I hated it. It didnt really have anything to do with the game of paintball, and the subject is probobly rather inapproriate today.

"the evidence strongly suggests that neither Billy nor Adam (Smart Parts) could have invented the electronic paintgun" -Garr M. King, U.S. Judge
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A Canadian story... in the early 90s me and a buddy went to badlands and purchased cross man pistols that were in the ďused binĒ with 50 cal red paint. Played outlaw in any forest in the area. Few weeks later met the guy running the store and he asked us to come back to the store and talk about a new indoor field they were building. We got to play for free cause they didnít want us playing outlaw. We both started working at badlands and paintball city along with most of our friends for years. My buddy bought a tippman ultralite but I waited till I could afford the automag hanging on the wall with the chrome barrel and cooper t set up!! I would just use the rental guns until then. My buddy then got a cocker and we started a team and played lots local tourneys and into the states. Some of the best times ever were playing back then!! Team fell apart close to when sky ball started and basically took a break from anything paintball. Another friend of mine wanted to build a small outlaw field at his work and play weekends so we did. Played at that awesome field till 2004 when mostly all my gear got stolen. That was it.. I was done with paintball. I had a lot bad things going on in life and losing my gear that had been collected since the beginning was devastating. Couldnít bring myself to play anymore and certainly didnít want to buy new stuff. Fast forward to 2 years ago and my nephew been asking me to go play. Went back to badlands to buy a few items and learned of all the changes and some new ownerships. That started my research into paintball and found this forum. After the first time out in all those years felt like it always did!! Iím back in!! Thanks to places like this and used gear I have a bunch of guns and still enjoy the sport that really was a huge part of my life

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Saw woodsball paintball on ESPN in the mid-90's which sparked an interest with my brothers, neighbor and I. We picked up some cheap BE Tiger Sharks playing outlaw in the woods behind our houses that we built up with random wood from old tree houses, pallets, felled trees, old road signs and dug out ditches/mounds. We also played on some old slag/cinder piles down near the local tracks.

In middle-school we went to spectate at the '99 Zap IAO here in Pittsburgh (I remember because Spyder Cup was the following year). I bought a Model 98 with 14" ss All American barrel and 24oz chromoly CO2 tank - literally 4' long, a damn walking stick. My bros and friends then bought an F4 Illustrator, Piranha, Autococker and Micromag. I eventually bought that Ultra Nickel Micromag and my brothers pre-Vision Impulses. We played regularly with a local team throughout high school.

I collected several Model 98s ( was a favorite of mine as well) but got more into 'Mags and other inline mechs after joining the Army in '07. Exposed to MCB and AO around then as well. Went on hiatus in '12 while stationed in Hawaii due to my gear all packed up in a storage unit and multiple deployments. I did get out a handful of times while on island playing at the old Bellows Air Force Base.

Recently moved back to PA, going to school, bought a house and just unpacked all my old gear last fall. Going to hit the local fields this year - thankfully there are several good ones and a local mech/pump contingent.
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I was 10 years old. Middle school 2001. Paintball was the talk of the town so I begged my parents for a gun. They bought me a brass eagle avenger from Walmart and off I went to the field. Not gonna lie tho I was hella scared my first time. LOL mainly because everyone seemed super old and had no joke Angels and bob longs. I remember my gun jamming multiple times. Blind firing like a noob haha. Jeeez
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