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Careful Taters, once you go pump it makes other play styles feel more hollow.
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2006 work do at a local field. They had a photo of Joy breaking out on the staging shed wall, much like this (but with i3s, and more matching...)

I was floored that something like that existed, and thought that was the coolest and most stylish thing I'd ever seen (don't judge me, I'm an artist). I got on google and the rest is history.

I still miss watching Joy vs Dynasty. It's a shame that paintball teams are so short lived, and there's mostly no money to turn them into self sustaining programs rather than just one off groups of friends - with a few pro level exceptions like the Russians and others with megabuck backers. Joy is one of those teams that had a strong brand and following, something few newer pro teams have.

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For me, I had tendencies for the sport before ever hearing of it or playing it. My father had gotten me into watching war movies at a really young age, and I was always pretending to "play soldier". It took various forms, starting with good old fashioned cap guns and water guns. Around 1985, which put me at around 9 years old, Entertech came out with the most realistic water guns that there was. We would fill them with a red food coloring mixture and go out and play in the whitest white clothes we could find.

Probably around 1988, one of my older cousins started to play. He had a few Rapides and a Splatmaster, or two, and plenty of land. After some discussions (pleading) with my parents, I was allowed to go and play at his house. I loved it, but my mother did not like the split lip that I came home with - so I didn't play for another two years.

When I was fourteen, or so, I picked up an APG at the local supermarket, and plotted starting to play again. At the time, 14 was still too young to play just about anywhere, as fields were still having a hard enough time finding reasonably priced liability insurance for someone 18 to play. This time, I worked my father and convinced him that a lot had changed in those two years, and he told me that I could play, as long as he accompanied me. We searched and searched, but found no field that would let me play, but a field owner in the area told us that one of the regular teams ran outlaw games. One phone call and two weeks later, we were on the field, and we both had a blast. My father has played a few times since then, but he didn't catch the bug.

For two summers, I regularly would regularly make a phone call (remember - this is largely pre-Internet), and make sure that they were running a game and that someone had spare equipment. It was right before my 16th birthday that we heard one of the established fields now allowed 16 as a minimum age, with waiver, and my birthday happened to be on a weekend that year. Myself, two of my cousins, and a couple of friends made the drive up with my uncle, who was the designated waiver-signer for the day. That day, I played with two field rentals - a Tricar and Nightmare. Love them both, but neither were well maintained. After the Nightmare went down, the owner let me use his Comp, and I instantly felt like a rock star - both from the "cool factor" and just how damned well it shot.

I left there with my first personal pair of goggles and a mask, and quickly started to put money aside for my own gear. My first gun was a PMI Trracer, and it was early in the production run - so my guess is that was right around 1993, as I know that I was still in high school when I had gotten it. We had gone in to the local Army-Navy store, and they had a small promo standee on the counter about the "New PMI Trracer". I had enough to order one, and he pulled out his wholesale catalog and I compared the available options to the amount of money I had, settling on a standard CA setup and a 7oz CO2 bottle. Slowly peeled off the twenties, tens, and then mostly fives and singles, and then... Nothing. The wait began, and it took forever. Every time the phone rang, for the next three weeks, I was hoping that my Trracer was in.

When it finally arrived, I spent the entire week breaking it down and putting it back together until I could do it blindfolded. Being a Nelson, that wasn't hard, in the first place. Took it to the field that weekend, and I was in love. Anti-kink, adjustable internals with double cocking prevention and an auto-trigger. That was high-technology for the time, and it competed with all of the other pumps on the field. It was my workhorse for years and years. And then, the funny thing, I have no idea whatever happened to it. Sometime while I was in college, my mother moved and most of my things ended up in storage, but that Trracer never showed back up.

By the time I started playing again, pumps were more and more uncommon, so I ended up with an early Spyder. It was still fun, but I could see the game had changed a bit. Picked up a Diablo from a pawn shop for a song (literally, when I took that as partial payment for one of my guitars) and found some outlaw folks with common interests in older setups. Life prevented me from playing nearly as often, and I've gone on longer hiatuses than I care to admit. Especially after hitting a certain age, I started to reflect on the limited number of years that my physical body will continue to let me play. I'm sure that I will play up to that point, and probably beyond it a bit.

My collection now represents my play style, in that anything that I owned that was made in the last twenty years, apart from one Empire Sniper, have been sold or given away. The old Spyder collection that I had helped introduce some nephews to the game, for example. And honestly, even though I don't play as often as I want to or push it as hard as I used to on the field, I am enjoying it more than ever. Nothing is more satisfying than having someone try to walk you in with a couple of hundred rounds, then popping out and gogging that person with one or two shots, using a marker that is likely older than they are.
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Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
Careful Taters, once you go pump it makes other play styles feel more hollow.
Yeah, but honestly after this stint playing for my school, I don't really think I'll have the drive to play competitively, at least that's what I'm telling myself.

I don't really enjoy playing woods/recball with my Geo, it's just all I have to play with now. Hence the pump coming to fruition. I also really missed building intimidators back when I first got into electros, and always wanted to do an autococker-based build.
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I watched Tour of Duty, grew up playing guns, and wanted to be a soldier. Paintball was the closest thing available to 'playing war'. I applied camo face paint before playing... lol
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Had heard about paintball as a sport from my older brother though neither of us ever played. Come may of 1998 and I decided I’d buy a couple paintball guns to go target practice in the back. Gave one to my brother as a birthday gift. They were cheap brass eagle pump guns. But we got out back shot a few hundred rounds and then inevitably started shooting at each other. We had a blast up till the point my brass eagle pump arm snapped in two.

A few weeks later we hit up a local indoor hyperball field/pro shop. My brother and I decided to buy real markers that day I got the NEW 98C and he picked up a PMI piranha. That first real game with a quality mask and marker was nirvana. I had a blast and played for hours to little if any success, but my heart was pumping and I was smilibig. We continued playing there mostly regularly. BUt eventually my older brother lost interest. Me on the other hand was HOOKED and I continued to play with friends or solo as a walk on.

It was not long till I sold my big heavy 98c with every doodad tippman sold and replaced it with a tippmann Pro/Carbine (I still have) because It was lighter easier to clean and it was just cool looking this was early 1999. Then a few months after a friend was showing me his new fancy electronic spyder and how much better. I wanted tk have something cool like that so I did quick research on great “speedball guns”. I couldn’t afford those fancey Angles and I really was not sure about the whole battery thing. But there was this slim tiny mech shooter I read about called an Automag that was the best of the best before these pesky Angles started arriving. So I made up my mind, I Had to have one and next trip to the pro shop it came home with me (also still have it).

Been playing and collecting gear and guns on and off ever since with hiatuses due to other hobbies/money,major injuries, wife kids house etc. Even now I have not played in a bit over a year as I continue to have issues with finding the time. And when I do have the time I find offten my leg acting up with immense pain making the fun factor a whole lot less.

But I still think about it and I will get back out there soon I hope as I miss the game immensely.
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Back in 1993, my then-girlfriend had fake ID and went out in bars without me 'cause I couldn't dance if my life depended on it. One night she got drunk and fooled around with this random guy. When the dude found out she wasn't single, he asked around to find out where I lived to apologize in person.

Obviously, my gf was scared and told me everything as soon as she got home. I was obviously pissed off, but when I met the guy the next day, he seemed like a genuinely good guy. He happened to be the manager at this local place called Delerium, a small, indoors reball field that had VM-68 rentals.

He told me that I could go try it out and play for free. What an awesome time I had! Neon lights, fog machines, techno music and refs dressed up as Darth Vador. I was instantly hooked! Pardon the pun.

That was 25 years ago. I guess I can thank my ex for fooling around, because I discovered the joys of paintball thanks to her
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Welcome home
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Hook I enjoyed your story
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My story is alot like ProtoNY's. Proverbial "80's kid" raised on GI Joe, old war movies, westerns, 80's classics like "Rambo" and "red Dawn", laser tag, and realistic toy and water guns. We were basically primed to combat each other from an early age! Basically the complete polar opposite from how kids just 10-15 years later were raised.

I first heard of paintball when I found "Paintball Sports" at a local bookstore in '91-92ish when I was in 5th grade. I was INSTANTLY converted! It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Basically a chance to be a GI Joe were no-one got hurt, and it was in real life. Of course, kids weren't even allowed to play then, but I continued to pick up occasional issues of "Paintball Sports" and "APG", and read and re-read them until they fell apart. I learned alot about the current gear, and basic gameplay and tactics that I already had a feel for anyways thanks to my quasi-militarized childhood. I remember the first gun that actually looked really cool to me was a 2-page, b/w advertising illustration spread with a guy running in the woods holding a Automag that I think had a red dot sight on it. That thing looked seriously cool, and began my infatuation with AGD.

Finally, my freshman year of high school in '95 I convinced my parents to let me play paintball for the first time with a group of friends. It was so long ago, but there are so many moments I still remember. I had never had that level of excitement or actual adrenaline before in my life. For a introverted artsy kid who hated traditional sports, this was the most fun 'team activity' I'd ever tried. There were two guys in their late teens or early twenties who hunted us most of the day with no mercy. One had a Minimag, the other a Autococker, and those names struck fear into our hearts! My funniest memory is that a big group of us stupidly bunched up behind a large fallen tree in a clearing, and didn't notice those two assassins setup on our left flank in a group of trees and proceed to hose back and forth across us! There was mass confusion, and most of us were hit multiple times even after we had our hands up because they were trying to hit the ones around us still in the game. We learned a painful lesson! I came home talking a mile a minute, and my Mom said it was the first time in my life she'd seen me 'ecstatic' about something.

Of course, now I had to save up for my first gun, a Tippmann Pro-Lite, and it basically took off from there. I've had gaps were I didn't play much, like college, but I always come back eventually. I found that by the late 2000's all the Automag's I lusted after as a teen were now relatively cheap, and that's been my main marker focus sense then. I started in the woods during the mid 90's, so that era is definitely my main nostalgic love. It encapsulates everything I love about paintball, that I get to continue to carry into our current age when I play.
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I had heard of paintball as a teenager but didn't really know much about it & as far as I know there were no commercial fields locally at the time. One day a friend of mine showed up (by "showed up" I mean did a paintball drive-by when he saw me outside the grocery store we both worked at) with a paintball gun he had bought at some sporting goods store. He mentioned wanting to play but I couldn't afford a gun at the time & nothing ever came of it. Fast forward a few years to late '97 when Walmart first started carrying Brass Eagle stuff. I saw the Talons & instantly knew I wanted one. I ended up buying one for myself, my brother & a friend of mine. The three of us played outlaw on my Dad's land a few times. Myself & my friend were hooked. My brother never really got into it. We met some other guys, built up a really fun outlaw field, discovered a commercial field local to us & played quite a bit for the next few years. Around '04 or '05 the guys started slowly drifting away until all that was left was me. I still play but not nearly as much as I'd like. It's probably been almost a year but I'm gearing up to hopefully get back out there soon.

P.S. .........I FARTED ON THE MEAT!!
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