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My cousin had mentioned that he went paintballing... must've been around '95. I thought it sounded cool but I was dirt poor.

When I left High School, a bunch of guys from my year organized an event at Paintball City, would've been June of 1997, just over 21 years ago. We all rented and had a great time. I took a shot to the knuckles which hurt like a mofo, but otherwise, I liked it.

Finally had a bit of money a year later and convinced a friend in college to go play. I'd purchased a Spyder Standard and spent probably over a grand upgrading it. The only stock parts were the body, detents, and hammer. Had that for a while, played a bit here and there, and caught the bug when I saw a PPS Stroker on the wall of Badlands Paintball, P852 (I think). Had to have it. Eventually, I found MCB sometime in the early 2000's after being on another forum ( I think the first transaction I had here was on the old forum where I bought a PPS molded pump handle, which ended up being lost to Punisher a few years later, along with the rest of my P68-SC.

I've been in and out of paintball, mostly out for the past 9 years, but I think I'm gonna give it a bit more time. Had some great games and hope to have some more.

Andry : )

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What's Your Paintball Story?

We had family friends with two sons a little older than my brother and I. Probably fall of 1997 they came over to our house (we lived on 160 acres) and brought Brass Eagle Stingrays. I got the last go as the youngest and even with 30 balls left I thought that thing ripped!
We begged our parents for paintball gear and they bought us Talons for Christmas. We played on and off at our house with no concept of the sport until I found Warpig and APG. After that I was hooked through the rest of my teenage years.

I quit playing for about 12 years until this year. Itís good to be back.
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