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Do you use different setups for different games?

Like the title says, Im wondering if you switch your setup based on game type.
Personally, I wear dye pants and either a smart parts jersey or T-shirt. For a gun its either an impulse or angel. The same N2 tank, the same white/gold dye i4, work boots.
This is me whether Im playing rec ball, scenario, speed ball or anything.

Ive been toying with a more appropriate scenario setup, since its what I play most. Something less flashy and more into the tactical, well thought out game, rather than run out there and gogogo!

Im wondering, do you shoot the same everything regardless of game type?
What do you change?

Pictures are encouraged.
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my field only runs speedball and a small urban field. I rock the same clothes unless its super muddy then ill change about halfway thru. i do change markers depending who i play with. i usually play pump. if I'm with the field team and they overshoot ill bust out an electro until they back off.If im with the semi-experienced players its pump mainly occasionally a mech gog or pistols. if i end up with rentals its pistols with only 20 shots or my stick feed pump with 20 shots. I even on occasion swap markers with the renters to make life intresting .
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I think paintball is a do what you want kind of sport. If you want to rock a different marker and Jersey for every match to keep the other team guessing, go for it!
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If it wasn't already obvious, I have different setups for different games and love experimenting with gear

Walk-on, casual, mixing w/ renters -
Minimag or pump w/ 50rd and 17ci, 2x 50rd pods
black Empire pants and home field jersey

Scenario/magfed -
Rifle for FSR, t8.1 for roundball,
Multicam BDU, vest, 10rd tube shingles

Big game/speed -
Bob Long Rapper, Rotor, 68/4500, 3x 140rs pods
black Empire pants, flashy team jersey

Stockclass -
Nelspot 007, capless 10rd belt
Hawaiian shirt, jeans

Madmax (special game at local field) -
Double barrel pump, 13ci, 10rd capless belt
Mask and shoulder pads covered with foam spikes

None of that's hard and fast, and always trying different things out.
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Different guns but always the same setup

Headband mask shemagh shirt or jersey dbd pants kneepads boots and a joyride



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Aloha shirts or a Ninja Turtle Shell t-shirt for casual play/recball. Ninja Turtle Raza jersey or one of my old team jerseys for special events.

Exalt Throwbacks in green or tan. Always. Old pair of sneakers have been the go-to but recently picked up some mid top hikers for better traction on dirt/grass ( and hopefully the mid tops will provide better ankle stability).

Purple/green Proflex if I go the turtle motif. Pinoy Proflex if I don't.

Phantom for pump days & casual play but my default is mech. Either an Enmey or Automag, until my Gmek frame arrives (if it ever arrives).

March 2018. Cheaply made aloha shirt found at a thrift store.

2010? My form hasn't changed. Dunno if that's good or bad.

Maybe 2014. Raza jersey.

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How else does someone rotate through their collection?
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So...I have a spectrum of markers. I select based on who I'm playing with and how easy I want things to be.

For Indoors / small speedball at the bottom is my pgp. If I'm having trouble keeping up with that, I'll move up to my constant air Delta 68 or PT Xtreme.

Next up is a cocker sporting an ammobox, followed by a bone stock 32 degrees rebel (first gun I ever owned) with 200 round hopper for hopper ball.

Next is my sentinel (or back to cocker) with revvy.

Finally, if needed, I'll go to the ego with revvy or one of my force fed hoppers that rarely see the light of day.

Outdoors / large speedball is similar except that I throw a diablo (Nelson clone) and my currently out of service Tippmann 98 into the mix.
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If I'm running stock class or my DSG then I have an armband that holds tubes and 12ies plus I have a drop leg with a pouch that holds more. i tend to run this most when I'm playing a walk-on day.

I also have a mesh molle vest that I can either rig up for magfed (plus a 2 pod pack on the back for scenarios, holds a mag speed loader and a spare 13ci tank) or for electro with a couple of pod pack attachments.

I always where the same Hawaiian t, shemaugh neck wrap, Valken multicam pants (full speedball padding/ventilation/stretch plus cargo pockets) gloves, and original swat boots. EDIT: forgot to mention my old skate board half pipe pads underneath.

My armagillo dreads feel a bit ridiculous for indoor play so I may tone that back to a regular head wrap.
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I start every day the same way. Grey Ghost to start. When I get tired of getting my butt kicked I go to the phantom with a springpheed. Tired of getting kicked around with that I'll switch over to a mag. I suck too much at that point it is time to put the gear away and cheer from the sidelines.

As far as clothing I normally a team jersey and some PB pants. I plan to switch over to a t shirt and Duluth firehose pants for rec days.

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