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Tag 'em bag 'em Automagem
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I bought an Emag from my friend brother in law for $50 had classic stove top body xvalve 3.2 software, yup he didn’t know much about paintball or Automags.
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I usually am the one overpaying for an item but last year I snagged a good one.

I found a mom selling her kids stuff since he went off to college. I got:

2 SFT Shockers
1 NXT Shocker
1 3rd Gen Timmy Alias
1 FEP Quest
4 Ions
3 HPA tanks that needed hydro

I actually went cause the pic only showed 2 ions and I thought, ehh I'll check it out. Then she started bringing out all the other stuff. She wanted $100 for it, but I ended up giving her $150 cause I felt bad..... still after it was all said and done, I pocketed about $500.
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Hadn't played since 2009 < Found a mint used P68-AT local for $25 in 2016 < Found MCB < traded for a used Phantom in 2018 < sold the Phantom (and added $) to afford my dream Phantom build I have been contemplating since pre-2009 < Waiting for my dream to arrive in coming weeks. So kinda like:

$25 Pump into a dream build, pretty much.

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Best paintball deals

Originally Posted by Paintball4life View Post
I wanna hear about the best deals youíve ever gotten. Iíll start

Gotta tipx, 3 mags, and a remote line for $50 flat

Got an Angel Speed 04, Angel Air, Angel Tool Kits, OG Angel Barrel Kits from Dye and JT, WDP Tech Mat, Halo, spare Angel Batteries and a Smart Parts Pin Up Sock.... I forget the rest. The kicker, I paid £130 for the lot. Considering you can get an Angel Speed for £200 on its own? I got a bargain. Seriously a TiPX for $50 is incredible

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I just snagged a black Teflon, reverse valved minimag at my local goodwill last wed

They had it locked up in their display case. When I asked to see it I flipped it over and they had it priced at.... $12.50. I about peed myself.

No barrel, and it leaks but definitely my best score by a long shot.
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I got an S6.5 for $400 at a time when they were all selling for $600, that was a win.

Just bought a 9.5/10 2k3 cocker for $40. A couple years back I picked up a ULE mag w/ X-valve for $200.

Found a PGI Mayhem for $80
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Got 2 deals for you guys

First one was a 32 degrees pt Xtreme pistol and a brass eagle silver eagle, I think.

Got them for free, painted the pistol with about $20 in rattle can paint, sold it for $100

The other one

Empire axe
Ion with universal t board and membrane pad
Ccm S5 pump


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the nicest of the damned
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Bought a TIPX with 3 or 4 mags for $25. If I remember correctly, several years ago I bought a Mini with a Rotor for $75 locally.

P.S. .........I FARTED ON THE MEAT!!
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All that plus a scuba, 50 lb CO2 tank, and a Ninja Premium CO2 fill station for $250. I gave the bulk CO2 and fill station to Apamburn, kept the scuba. Sold the masks for $40, sold the Joy Division Angel (without the stock) for $250, sold the T2W stock for $75, the 2 RAM M4s for $150, traded the Superstocker plus $400 for a Retro 7. The A5 SAW got stolen out of my car, which I wasn't too bummed about honestly. I made off like a thief on that deal anyway.

This was second best:

$150 for that one. Sold the Y frame for $230, took the valve and body for a pump mag I'm building, got a standard R/F classic body and a composite frame and sold it for $120 IIRC?

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
Originally Posted by Jack Wood View Post
ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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Picked up a mutt Nelson from a pawnshop. The dude threw in a nice AGD Micro CA-II. I smiled, handed him a $20 for the package, and went on my way.
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