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No longer in a position to find deals now, but my best were...

About $400 from memory, and a days drive from Memphis to STL and back

And this was about $200, and a drive as well.
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I bragged about it recently, so I guess I will again.

Scored an eTek 3 and a Dark Angel IR3 (thought it was just an LCD) together for $40 at the local thrift store on half off day. This thrift store was also responsible for my first Autococker, an '03 centerfeed with slider, for $30.

The thrift store paintball gods have been in my favor recently.
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I bought a whole gearbag off of a guy for 300 bucks. It had multiple markers, barrel kits, tanks, hoppers etc. I sold most of it for well over 1000 bucks.
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I bought a used marker off ebay and the guy threw in an old Sanchez barrel kit, a revvy with the immortal shell, and a full Super Freak kit with a Deadlywind tip.
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Just found a Mini at a yard sale for a whopping $4.
Wait, where did my money go?

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I've scored some pretty good deals, but Moonweasel's four posts back is better than any of mine. You lucky, lucky, lucky S.O.B.! All that brass...
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here 4 the memes
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few years back I picked up a local pair of T8s for $100 and flipped one for $100, so free T8.

Also a $50 lot consisting of 2 ions, 2 spyder clones, 2 profilers, a couple tool boxes and pile of pods and accessories.
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