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I'm up 3-4 pods and at least two Exalt Squeegees since I started playing again in '11. I've picked up a dozen masks in staging areas over the years, usually just leave em with the field.

I've found my fair share of shoes in the mud around Bridge at AG Paintball.
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Originally Posted by THE-SHOOTIST View Post
Big Game East #1 in Coram NY. I found a ten-round tube filled with two really good Thai Sticks, which we found a secluded spot on the field during the game and smoked it up. We had a really good buzz going, so good in fact, that when we stumbled upon a helicopter insertion, we laid it to waste as soon as the door opened.

Found a Carter Comp in an old Nelspot holster with 100 rounds of "glitter paint" at Wolf's Lair.

Found a PGP at some random field that I don't remember, it had a "Fasst Changer" and a Speedloader on it,
This one is my favorite

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Originally Posted by iamthelazerviking View Post
This one is my favorite
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my local field has allowed me to metal detect it after hours, have found some interesting items. Found some old coins before, indian head cents, wheat cents, a few mercury dimes etc. As far as paintball items go, mostly small parts like on offs for asa's, barrel extenders, fill nipple covers, regulator parts, and detents/detent covers. Also have found a chuck of a 98 custom, looked as though a catastrophic malfunction occured lol and some barrel plugs with the old key rings.

As far as eye ball finds, I think I'm up about 75 or so pods, found a full can of chewing tobacco once, half a pack of marlboros, a nice walkie talkie at a big game, and some barrel squeeges.
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