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Field Treasure

What are some good stories you guys have of finding items on the field and after not being able to find the original owner, became yours? This normally happens to me at big scenario games.

When I first started playing I bought two exalt swabs. Over the years I have given away three to new players. Upon inspecting my gear I currently have five. They really need to put a lanyard or something on these.

This past weekend I found a pod of paint in the portajon at Sherwood. Could not find the owner so I kept it. In a nice twist of fate it was full of the GI paint that I wanted to try shooting since I bought the graffiti for myself. I call this pod my toilet treasure.

At LL7 on the way out I found someone had dumped a dozen microfiber rags in a trash pile. Only thing I could find wrong with them was they were full of mud. I had just started playing the year before so these were like gold. Still have a few laying around and gave the rest away.
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Big Game East #1 in Coram NY. I found a ten-round tube filled with two really good Thai Sticks, which we found a secluded spot on the field during the game and smoked it up. We had a really good buzz going, so good in fact, that when we stumbled upon a helicopter insertion, we laid it to waste as soon as the door opened.

Found a Carter Comp in an old Nelspot holster with 100 rounds of "glitter paint" at Wolf's Lair.

Found a PGP at some random field that I don't remember, it had a "Fasst Changer" and a Speedloader on it,
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Found $20s three times in fifteen years.
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I find pods every day, filled and empty. I find squeegee, expensive ones and cheapoes. Iíve found several knives, Iíve found several pairs of sun glasses, Iíve found dead animals, money, markers, clothes, masks, car keys, wallets, banana suits, wiener suit. Lots of socks - barrel and feet.

Weirdest thing was a rubber dick, but not a toy, just a cheap latex wiener. I was going through our computer about a year later and found a bachelor party where the bachelor was wearing a weird dress in the same pattern that was seen on the back of it.
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HEy, I lost all of that Stuff!
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Year before last, an aquantance lost his pink Smart Parts girl barrel bag last game of the season. He was kinda choked up about it. The next spring I found it frozen in a bĺock of ice out on the field, chipped it free, and sent him a message on Facebook. Never replied with a mailing address and haven't seen him since - I'll rock that bag until I run into him again.

Otherwise just a couple pods way out in the woods. Holy moley, some of the markers you guys have found...

Edit: Oh! I found a few lightly used FSR on the field, lol. Put those in my pocket to return another day haha.
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Found an Empire EVS laying in the parking area. With some help from my friends and some cyber sleuthing we found the owner, ungrateful bastard did not even offer to pay me back for shipping charges.
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I find stuff every year on my sale tables at events...Check my listing in case its yours!

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One of the first scenario games I played at was right around the time Tiberius released the T8. Near the end of the game I found one out on the field. I left my number with the guy running the game but no one ever came looking for it.

About a decade later I had a new Empire Event mask which I forgot at the field and never was able to find.
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At a scenario this past January, I dropped my barrel maid squeegee, and later found one that was a different color. That is, unless mine Changed colors!?!! (and thus the legend of the Chameleon Squeegee was born).

I haven't found anything exciting like you guys have though :/
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