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Nelspot 007, can be setup for stock class or pump play

Finally finished my Nelspot project, thanks to Bacci Paintball for all the vintage parts.

Nelspot 007, can be setup for either stock class play (single 12 gram, max 20 round horizontal feed), or modified stock and pump (CO2 or air tank, 45 round pocket hopper).

For stock class play, I adapted an extended ball loader tube, by adding an elbow to fit into the hopper adapter and drilling some ball sight holes, and it holds a perfect 20 rounds. It even has a swivel clip (made to hold heater tubes in aquariums), that clips perfectly on the back of the top tube and keeps the loader from moving around. And I use a single 12 gram bucket changer for this setup.

When setting up for pump play, with the addition of the wire stock, I could no longer install my 3.5oz CO2 Bottle. So I found this dual 12 gram CO2 changer that is for Airguns, (2 - 12 grams fit in butt to butt and are pierced at each end of the changer), and I found an adapter for Airgun to Paintball ASA threads, (allows the use of 88 or 90 gram CO2 airgun cartridges on paintball guns), so now it screws into the back bottle ASA. I installed a big knob on the back of it, so it would be easier to use with paintball gloves and also because it’s harder to turn, since you are piercing 2 cartridges at the same time. It turns out that two 12 grams are just enough for one hopper full.

Now I know some Nelspot purists would say “…black shiny parts on a Nelspot…no…”, but because the body is highly polished and shiny, the shiny black is a good look for it. The extended barrel is aluminum and I got it on ebay, but it looked like the guy pounded in nails and stirred buckets of rocks with it. It was so beat up and pitted, I had no choice but to sand it down and paint it, and if it was shiny aluminum it wouldn’t have matched the shiny steel body anyway.

I slotted the right side, and built a dual armed pump handle, using a broken pump handle as a base (the broken pump handle had to cut down even further on the underside, to clear the wire stock). With the bolt tapped on both sides and the dual armed pump handle I get a much smoother pump with no binding.

I polished up all the internal parts, and installed new o-rings, as well as cupping the front of the bolt for a better air cushion behind the ball. It chronoed last week at 292 ~ 298, which is a little too close in case of spikes, so I went one step heavier on the valve spring, and hit 281 ~ 287, which should leave room for temperature changes.

It even fits perfectly into this old leather left hand holster (I’m left handed), with the wire stock right up under my armpit.

polished body
rustoleum appliance epoxy painted black parts
quick strip slot
slotted right side
double tapped bolt
dual armed pump handle made from broken Nelspot pump handle
CCI Paintball red main spring
Lapco #6 powertube
Lapco valve retaining screw
Black Magic valve cup seal
WGP trigger shoe
Nelspot wire stock
7.5” extended barrel
back bottle adapter
12 gram bucket changer
Airsource dual 12gram changer
JT Paintball airgun to paintball asa adapter
welded in hopper adapter
Zap pocket hopper
20 round horizontal feed adapter

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Exceptionally Nice !!
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Absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of all the custom Nelspots you see in archival footage from the late 80's, although none of those ever looked this nice. Gotta love those wire stocks.
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That looks great. The hopper setup looks especially fun.

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ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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