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Bonehead Pb, LV: Spreading the Good Word

Friday I arrived in Las Vegas after our drive from Utah and in addition to enjoying a few days of relaxation at our resort I decided to find some time to play a few games of paintball (it's what I do to relax, right?)

Saturday afternoon seemed to work best and I found a local indoor field called Bonehead Paintball just off the strip and decided to go - I believe another member was actually there the day before.

I opted for this field because it was indoors and well, it was hot as balls outside. Also of all fields in the area it was the most convenient. Finally, prices weren't outrageous.

$15 entry and $15 for 500 rounds - way more than I could use.

For play I traveled light with just a gym bag to carry my gear and Hawaiian (of course):

For markers I brought:

Tippmann 98

AM Sentinel "pistol"

PGP (w/RVA, otherwise stock)

I was honestly hoping to play with renters or a mixture of renters and owners but unfortunately as I set up the rental group there - about 6 guys - were wrapping up and I never got to play with them.

Back in the corner of the staging area was 4 or 5 guys in matching jerseys with electronic markers. When I walked in I sort of identified them as the local "tourney" team, and as the renters walked out I thought to myself "great, I have to play with these guys."

They didn't really seem to know what to think of me. They were all looking at me and talking - laughing a little, even, at the pudgy middle-aged man that just walked in with a Hawaiian shirt on to play paintball.

One gathered the courage to come over when I set out my strange (to them) markers. He pointed to the ammo box on my Tippmann:

"What's that?" He asked. I laughed and smiled: "How long have you been playing paintball, kid?"

He'd started 1 year ago. I'm pretty sure that he had only ever played with electronic markers or maybe the run-of-the-mill rentals you see at fields like his (they used Tippmann FT 12 markers). At that moment I realized this might actually be kind of fun.

I showed him what the ammo box was and how it was fed (from the hole covered by a soda bottle cap haha), and another showed up to ask about the PGP. "Is that a pistol?"

They were astonished at how the pistol had to be fed - rock and cock.

I grabbed my 98 and removed the stock since I knew I would need to get tighter for speedball. After chrono (surprisingly 280 for inside) 3 of the guys on the 'team' walked over to the field with me for a 2v2.

To say the field was tiny is an understatement. It was a micro airball field. Like, more than 5v5 would be almost unbearable there. The bunkers were pretty close to one another and no discernable snake existed. Both sides had a can in each corner and a large can in center right in front of the starting net.

We started the match and I went left. I easily got about 1/4 up the field when the my teammate was shot. One of my opponents was in my mirror, the other in the back corner can on my side. I was doing my best to snapshoot with both of them and eventually gogg'd the guy on my mirror. The guy in the can hit me as I ran to center.

I don't know exactly what they expected from me, but they were super surprised that I held my own. The guy from the back corner had literally painted the front of my bunker white. I went through about 30 rounds.

We went back and I decided to transition to my Sentinel (I was anxious to use it for the first time. I LOVE THIS GUN. I used it for the remainder of my time there). To my surprise one of the other players asked to use my 98. Of course I was delighted to let him!

I looked at my lonely PGP and decided maybe to try an experiment with these poor, unenlightened souls. Picking it up, I asked "Hey...anyone want to use this?"

One guy, the first to approach me before the first game, jumped at the opportunity. "I do! So show me how to use it again?" He asked, as he began striking Charlie's Angels poses.

I outfitted him with 4 of my 10 round tubes, gave 4 to the kid using my 98, and kept 3 for myself. With that we went out into the field for a new game. My teammate kept his electronic marker but stuck to hopper ball.

Hilarity ensued.

We went back out to the field as the kid with the PGP continued to pose with the pistol, threatening to "go 'John Wick' on everyone".

The game started and I moved to the same side, same bunker as before. The opponent with my 98 moved to the back left can (as before) while the guy with the PGP moved up on the right to my mirror (as before).

I eliminated the kid in the can and was shot out by the kid with the PGP.

From the sidelines, we watched as he jumped over his bunker, did a barrel roll, and army crawled to the next bunker. It was comical. He then tried a suicide run on my teammate and got eliminated.

They were laughing hysterically at this point.

Each game after we did the same thing: each person took a few tubes and our markers and out we went. They switched it up and each tried each of the markers. Smiles and laughs were had all around.

My last game I ended up 3/4 of the way up the field with 3 rounds left in my Sentinel. My teammate had his gun go down so it was me and the 2 others (pgp / 98). I decided to do something drastic, and I shot both during a mad dash across the field.

I had one ball left.


As I packed up my stuff we talked about how much fun they had. I don't think these kids had ever seen - much less used - markers like this. I know they hadn't ever used tubes (they had to count to see how many paintballs they held LOL).

But they had a ton of fun just goofing around with low tech, low capacity guns. It was one of my most enjoyable paintball experiences.


So if you ever get the chance to head over to Bonehead paintball in Las Vegas and to play with their home team, do it. They're a good bunch of kids and it is a fun field.

I learned that I should be careful about judging players based on their equipment and jerseys - I think, perhaps, that they learned the same thing from me.

I also feel like I observed what makes paintball awesome. Shenanigans and stunts and fun. I don't know if it was the low capacity / low ROF markers, or the players, or both, but the 'magic' was there.

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That is totally awaome. This is what I love about this sport. Showing young kids how to have fun old school style.
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Great read man, way to keep the friendly back & forth with newbloods.
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Originally Posted by apamburn View Post
From the sidelines, we watched as he jumped over his bunker, did a barrel roll, and army crawled to the next bunker. It was comical. He then tried a suicide run on my teammate and got eliminated.
That is exactly how stock class pistol is meant to be played. Incredibly ballsy and stupid decisions that work out because absolutely no-one thinks you're dumb enough to do it.

Glad you had fun!
"Electric paintball guns are a good way for kids to support their local field by buying so much extra paint."

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