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Regarding the OP, I've never really encountered that. I have, however, encountered a very similar situation; "you play paintball? A friend of mine used to play pro!!" Which meant he played for a no name local team that maybe went to an NPPL event.

I'm currently sponsored by HK Army, but aside from custom jerseys I'm not really sure what the sponsorship agreement is. And technically, the team I play for is sponsored by the store I work at, but my employee discount is bigger than the sponsorship discount, so that doesn't really count.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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I had a few guys back in the day that would pay for everything. We didn’t get to keep the prizes we won. But I was basically a hired gun. Free paintball is the best paintball.

Use to get sweet package deals from Planet Eclipse and Dye back in the day. Never liked having to shoot a specific marker. PE was good but thoes Dam NT10 we’re garbage! Only good thing that came out of that was my Rotor still use it today.

My current team contacted Johnsonville sausages all we wanted was a sign to put up on or 10x10 apparently Cornhole is a better investment. We always joke that our team is powered by sausage and beer. Maybe they don’t want to be associated with guns in today’s ultra sensitive society. Who knows.

Over the years companies are doing less and less it seams. But I remember Paintballs peek and how generious “Sponsors” use to be.
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Originally Posted by Mr Idiot Box View Post
Free paintball.
What are these words? I don't understand. Individually, I understand them. Together, they do not compute.
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Originally Posted by Mr Idiot Box View Post
Never liked having to shoot a specific marker.

But I remember Paintballs peek and how generious “Sponsors” use to be.
Yeah, I liked used various things out of my collection. The deal the team got with PE basically forbid us from using other markers OR equipment if we accepted. I passed on the deal the first year, an almost free setup with Ego's and full clothing (for the first five of the line) and a damned nice discount for the rest. I waited, bought one of the Ego off a team mate the next year and STILL used what I wanted.

It was kind of funny about those NT. Right after they came out there were quite a few teams using them, and we KNEW it was an 'X' cause half their guns would go down....
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Ive hit the stage in my paintball "career" where I sponsor other players more instead of looking for such things myself....more fun that way.
"Need a couple of reg comps? Sure thing...will 3 be enough?"
"Tell ya what, bring a couple of buddies & I'll throw in an extra case of paint"
I love being able to say stuff like that lol
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Yup Free + paintball = A good time! Those were the days! Don't get me wrong we put our time and money in on practice, but I played my fair share of free events and they were great.

Now a days I can get some comp reg every once in a while. Friends will call me up to play an event with a sweet hook up. But it's not like it use to be.

Last event we played and got entry comped. Kids were asking us "what field you guys play for". Ahh.... we play in the woods. They all looked at each other like WTF? Took 2nd only game we lost all day was the final match.
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I've been sponsored for years. Since 2010 or 2011 I think.

Tippmann and Empire (first sponsored player to be sponsored by both of them at the same time when they were bitter enemies. Lol, it caused a lot of drama as I would tag both in my videos so neither would promote my videos as their competitor was on them! haha). Also by local fields, and smaller companies... But, I haven't been trying to get new sponsorships for a while as it is a lot of work.

But, I liked stuff each one had (Tippmann and Empire). Very nice now that they are both under the GI umbrella, as I can still promote the stuff I like and it is all under one name now.

I rarely pay to play paintball. But, I do a ton for the sport to give back. I started doing photography and trying to get rad pictures of as many players as I could then letting them use them as they wanted on their social media to get more players interested in the game. I write articles for paintball magazines. Take pictures for them as well, and do video work and write for online companies. I also general games and travel to fields out of my area to promote them to my fan base. (weird that I have a fan base... I'm 46).

People that expect to get stuff free without putting in a ton of work don't understand how the process works. You gotta make the company money if they are going to comp you stuff. That is the way of the world.

I'm picky and only promote stuff I like, so I've always been picky about who I will promote.

I was offered a full sponsorship last year by a big company and ended up turning it down as I didn't have the heart to tell my fans that they had to spend big bucks for the new companies gear and markers... I just couldn't justify it in my mind. I play with Tippmann's and they work just fine semi auto mechanical... You don't "need" an electronic to hold your own! It is all about the skill of the player not the marker they hold. I ended up getting one of my friends sponsored by that big company as he bought one of my ZoomCam systems I invented and he has blown up now! He is a lot younger and should enjoy it more than I would as I don't play that often.
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Damn free enterprise. That’s a great story. I feel like personally, I’m in the middle. Mid 30’s with possibly some time, not sure about the energy, but I’ve always have LOVED paintball in all its forms. Getting back into it now and can’t wait. But dread the day after knowing I’ll be sore as a mf
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Issue with sponsorship, you can never really say "I have X issue with equipment" in the public arena. You are also limited in other ways.

There are certain companies I would love to be sponsored by purely because I think they are fantastic, and want to showcase their products and get them more business tbh.

*Note: Our team is sponsored, but I'm not a mega fan of it even with some discounted rates.
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