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How to know when to change a 12 gram

Hi Ya'll,
Aside from counting your shots or watching for paint drop off is there anything I can do to keep track of when to change out a 12 gram? Is the rear mounted guage the answer I'm looking for?
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Count shots
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Count shots, gage your valve chamber pressure, or just swap when you notice velocity dropping. Those are about all your choices.
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The best thing is to play with the same marker enough to have a good feel for the count. If you are busy shooting fast, you don't have a lot of time to check gauges and the count will be short anyway, as compared to shooting slow.

I have a regulated rig with inlet and outlet gauges on an AGD 3k flatline. If you are watching the gauges, you can see the inlet gauge drop from the 8 to 7 (x100 psi), but the rate of fire can do that. If the inlet pressure doesn't come back up and I still have ~500 psi on the output, that means I have two or three good shots left. Usually, if I have that amount of time, I might as well make the change anyway.

I mainly use gauges to tell me that the 12g hasn't gone dry unexpectedly, and that I do have those two good shots for sure.

Without a regulator, the CO2 will hold up the pressure until it is about completely gone, so the gauge margin is "yes, you have a shot" or "no".
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I've played games when I'm out after just a few shots, and others when I change 12g several times. I rely on my gauge to let me know for sure. As far as counting shots, I found it easiest to just count 10 round tubes. Depending on your efficiency, putting a 12g between every X tubes is as dead simple as one can make it.
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I reload ever other tube. Gives me a little wiggle room if I need shoot some of a third tube but I know every shot is full power.
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Change 12gr under bad conditions. Or if you are about to make a move that will put you in a spot where changing a 12gr is not fun.
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I’m a tube guy also. 15 round full feed at start plus two tubes = change cartridge, unless it’s super hot and then I try to squeeze that third tube in there
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On a gun that I can change the 12ie quick I just get lazy and wait til paint drops off.
If there is a break in action I will take a look at how many 10rnd tubes I have used since my last 12ie change. I have an idea of how many I can go through on the guns I use a lot and use that as my guideline on if I should change before things heat up again.
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Not when you're crossed up and waiting for a guy to move

Cool you've picked a few seconds to change 12g, yep that guy moved

Ohh he's still going

Hope he stops

He didn't stop

At least I have a new 12g in for the walk back
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