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Sign it

Sign it. The Organ donor card they give you when you renew your driver's licence. What does it cost? Nothing. Not a dang thing. What does it give you? Nothing but peace of mind. You are giving LIFE to someone else. The very sacrifice your forefather's gave when they went to war to preserve your freedom to choose to do it. People right HERE, on this forum, need your help. And so do their kids. DO IT today. A freakin' check mark. How hard is that? What do you care? You may be gone, but until the last time someone speaks your name you are not forgotten. Great uncle-Dougie, we never met but I remember you. You did your part, took the cigarettes they gave you. Smoked them like the man you were, smoked them through the war your fought for us, came home and got lung cancer. You died a year before I was born. Your brothers wept quietly and carried on. We put flowers on your grave every year as we do for all our kin. Let us remember those who could live on instead. Sign it!
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I've got strong feelings on this one

My opinion: it should be required. For conscientiousness, selflessness, patriotism, regard for your fellow man..... The days of dying and being buried with your full complement of tissues should be over. The percentage of people who are buried as mixed ashes in an urn can't tell the difference. No one has a stronger need to be put in the ground with all their tissues than someone clinging to life and praying for a donor. Organs from 80 year olds have been implanted to aid people with otherwise terminal conditions. This line of thought is not popular nor spoke of often. But when you expire, many of your cells can live on. Give life, don't hoard it.
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You guys are welcome to what's left of me when I leave

You may treat your body like a temple, I treat mine like a Mosul mosque.
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I don’t know about all that forefathers mumbojumbo, but even I’m an organ donor.

I’ll be dead, what do I care? If you wanna stay on this miserable planet, be my guest, take what ya need. Good riddance.

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Found it!
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Personally I think it should be an opt OUT system at this point, not opt in. Apathy is too strong.
Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
The admins here are generally chaotic-good
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The reason it's not mandatory is for religious reasons. And most likely the reason it is an opt in and not an opt out because people are too lazy to do the extra effort and if they died and got their organs removed when their religion forbids it well then I'm sure that would stir some trouble. I wholeheartedly agree however that it should be mandatory but I'm not the supreme leader of the world yet and cant make it so.
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I checked the box
Blood donations are good too, but of course you actually have to do that when you're alive. However, I am not a fan of the mobile blood bus things, is that not incredibly creepy? And the ones in my city are old buses with faded paint... Sketchy..

Originally Posted by CrowsFeast View Post
Personally I think it should be an opt OUT system at this point, not opt in. Apathy is too strong.

I agree with this idea
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Originally Posted by Random Name View Post
I wholeheartedly agree however that it should be mandatory but I'm not the supreme leader of the world yet and cant make it so.
If we live in a country where our government has the power to tell us, or our family, what we do with the one thing we came into this world with after we die, then you can guarantee they will have even MORE control over what we do when we're still alive.

I don't see how that is a positive thing, given what we know about human beings over the course of 10,000+ years of history.

This is coming from a stone cold agnostic with no religious affiliation whose a donor.

The "Opt Out" option sounds like a reasonable middle road, but it would open the government up to massive lawsuits as soon as enough people have loved ones sliced open who "didn't know" they had to opt out of the program in the first place. That would not go over well.
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Been one since I got my license. Family already knows to let the vultures harvest what ever they want when I am done with it. Burying or burning me is a huge expense, save it for a party in my honor.
"One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present." : G. Meir

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Iwas a donor on for a while, then I had a vacination when in the military. I reacted badly to the vacination and they and other doctors I visited informed me I can no longer donate blood or be a donor. Sorry all.
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