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I believe the announcer you are talking about was Matty Marshall. I watched this and thought it was pretty well done. Especially the way the camera angles and graphics were done.

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When I was hanging out with a Pro team years ago (pre electro) the idea was "don't stop shooting til they put up a hand or a gun". The thought was that if you stop and they duck behind a bunker they will "somehow" come out the other side clean and keep playing. This attitude stuck and now they do the same thing at "electro" speed. I don't like the attitude but I understand it.

Originally Posted by Tugboater203
Since this isn't my style of play a question, do they always overshoot that much? I saw one that was called but there were a lot that should have been called for excessive shooting.
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Unfortunately it seems to be not only the norm, but has become in a way necessary. An alarming number fo the people I play speedball with just won't call themselves out until they are hit quite a few times. If you hit them once they are almost always going to keep playing, some don't even bother wiping. Once I shot a guy behind his bunker in the head when he stuck it up too high. It hit him above the mask, on his skullcap. Needless to say, it broke, but the didn't even check himself, just kept on as if nothing had happened. After the game he went and talked to the referee, rubbing his head which still had a white blob on it. The ref said nothing. Later on the kid complained that I was overshooting. Funny cause that's kind of difficult to accomplish with a Zeus.
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Just a reminder that it is on again tonight!
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Originally Posted by Surge-NS View Post
What was that british game show they used to have on, with the paintballers that would be driven in in a van, then have to complete objectives and get back to the van?... it was very milsim'ey and the people had to act dead if they got shot...they could get players back with points from the missions, and they had the oppritunity to purchase grenades and shields...
The show was called X-Fire.
And if anyone has the series, I'd LOVE to get a copy!
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Wtf? The last post in this thread was in 2006. Why up it?
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this is the ultimate in necro posting
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Originally Posted by Walrus View Post
Just a reminder that it is on again tonight!
Tonight? What channel?

Just kidding :P
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Originally Posted by Looper View Post
Are you allowed to use a warp on an SP-1... won't they revoke your man card...

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Holy necropost batman!
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