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Guess my price v12: paintball party..... With bullets

It's back!

Please read updated rules

1) if you are going to cheat and try to find the post on your own please do not post in the thread until after the game is over. Even if you say something like "my guess was way off" now you are giving people a hint that your answer is nowhere near it. Let people play the game, debate and and draw conclusions on their own without influence from someone who knows the answer

2) part of this game can be convincing other players to guess in a different direction. Debate, convince others that it is worth more or less before putting in your own guess.

For anyone new here is how the game works

I search around for gear a lot, in my travels, every once in a while I find gear with a odd price, sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes not odd at all and right on the mark.

Your job is to demonstrate your vast and superior knowledge of paintball equipment and players and based on the photos and description guess what the asking price for the gear is.

Guess what the seller is asking for their product(s) closest guess up OR down wins.

In the event that 2 people guess the same price, first one to post wins

Winner will recieve a imaginary gold star and bragging rights (as they are obviously a superior intellect compared to your puny brain) until the next round

Only 1 round this time, winner takes all. 24-48 hours, I'll call out a deadline at some point tomorrow



For sale!
The Perfect PartyPack,*
including 6 paintball guns/markers+ a hopper and co2 tank for each.*

There is a total of 4 ten oz refillable tanks, 3 twenty oz tanks and 2 disposable co2 tanks with needed adapter. So 7 refillable co2 tanks and 2 disposable co2 tanks.

What really makes this a awesome pack is it includes a 3 foot tall co2 tank that will let you play multiple rounds with you buddies/ friends and family!*

For protection the pack includes a total of 9 protective masks, with a a full protective/camo suit+ camo knee+elbow pads, and gloves. There is also a blacked out vest + a black set of knee+elbow pads, and gloves.*

It also includes 2 refillable pod belts, with 3 pods. The belt will hold a total of 3 more pods however.*
And you will be getting about 1,750 bullets along with everything.*

It's a party pack ready to go and have fun! Perfect for birthday parties with friends and family, to going out and have a fun time with the boys.*

Mainly looking for cash, but might be interested in a trade or part trade. Let me know what you got, the worst I can say is no.

(FYI- The Tippmann gun includes a carrying case, cleaning kit, camo covered hopper, a carbon fiber barrel, and a sniper barrel)00101_8GOheUTibFR_600x450.jpeg00F0F_9jewyXtlnXD_600x450.jpeg00M0M_d0OlfHQ11BZ_600x450.jpeg00F0F_f2ZSZ1PvoAg_600x450.jpeg00G0G_58svvJvDfG5_600x450.jpeg00u0u_h95WDfdzaQK_600x450.jpeg00303_dYgPlgy4qgv_600x450.jpeg00k0k_kFOEyrXvtxu_600x450.jpeg00j0j_heTBhEganjW_600x450.jpeg

^^^ If you are new to the sport and need help finding gear, click here!!!^^^

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Over the top... $1500

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With a name like "The Perfect PartyPack", it had to be ridiculous. I'm going with $2.5k with of ridiculousness...
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Eeeh I’m going with a solid $750... it’s a crapshoot with sales like that haha.
It really depends on how much they think all those tanks were worth. They seemed to be very particular about the quantity.
My feedback:

FYI: USPS Flatrate IS the same price when shipping to Alaska.
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2.8 billion dollars.
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Ima gunna guess $450.
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Well wayne, I am going to say $1

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

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$950 obo.

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...this is MCB, no such thing as excessive...
Originally Posted by FirstTarget View Post
You will not have a wallet shortly, just shipping receipts.
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