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My large rolling gear bag is just a large padded rolling duffel I bought at Ft. Gordon. Individual gun bags are: Dye Nautilus and some Smart Parts single flap gun bag. I seriously love the Nautilus. It has 3 inner compartments with a dedicated barrel kit compartment. I don't think I will ever sell that one. I have a few Redz gun bags back home with my first set of gear.
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One of these with a foam insert cut to shape:
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I have an inception designs case for my mini hornet pump and I cut a different foam insert for the case so I can store tools/spares and some oil in the case.
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I picked up an Exalt Carbon XL for my pump + barrels. It's pretty nice. It's definitely briefcase size, if that appeals to you. The Emek won't need the extra room, but the size does accommodates barrels quite well.

One side has space for marker. The other side has weaving straps for barrels that sit at a 45 degree angle. I can stick two 12" barrels and one 14" barrel, plus inserts closer to the corners.

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laptop caes for the gun, exalt/inception barrel case for the barrels. academy has 3 different size rolling duffles right now, all under 60 bux
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Originally Posted by Scougar View Post
The more I look, the more I want a DURABLE yet compact rolling plastic case. I also now consider it mandatory that when I do get it, I will get a padlock and chain, as I keep seeing reports of theft at events. I would be nice to not have to disassembly the markers... but a rolling case/bag is growing on me.

I currently carry a largish military day pack, but also have to harry my T15 case and marker and often boots separately and rig separately etc. If I could squeeze this down into something more compact and thought out I would do it.

(magazines of at least 3 different guns take up space).

I have a larger version of this rolling tool box. This one might fit your need for "compact". These cases are very durable and lockable.
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Lately I have just been tossing gear in a reusable grocery store bag.
In the past I have used Ammo boxes, aluminium tool cases, duffle bags and roller tool boxes.
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here 4 the memes
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Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
One of these with a foam insert cut to shape:
Attachment 64639
I like where your head's at, but that looks too small. I think this will fit the marker portion of the cut foam the emek came with and give me room for everything else.
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You guys are funny
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Exalt, Redz or a cheap laptop sleeve help save me room to store the 9+ guns I haul in my gear bag yet keep everything protected.
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