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What's your marker bag or choice?

I'm shopping around for a marker bag for my Emek. The box and foam is nice, but heavy and I picked up a shaft 3 barrel set that won't fit. So I'm looking into getting a marker bag for it. I'd like to stay relatively compact but have room for multiple barrel backs or inserts and space for tools, grease, etc. The HK Exo marker bag (large) has caught my eye, lots of pockets for stuff, 6 slots for barrels, strapping where the marker sits so it's not flopping about, and all at a good price. Any opinions on the HK bag or other options I should look at that you like?
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How much other stuff do you take to the field? I have an carbon xl case and that sucker fit 4 markers and barrels in it. The markers were an gtek, etha 2, enmey and mech Ion plus each barrel.
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Every marker has a different bag but for my CCM I use a neoprene 15.4inch laptop case, it fits the marker plus ccm barrel kit.
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I swear by the Inception Designs cases for Autocockers. For modern markers, I've heard great things about the new Exalt cases.
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I like Planet Eclipses gun bags a lot. They fit barrel kits in them and spare parts too. The separated compartments keeps it nicely organized and it is rugged enough to not have to use inside another bag. For other guns I am just putting in my gear bag I usually use a gat wrap, but I don't think those have been made in a while.
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I found plain black zippered neoprene laptop sleeves for $4ea (cdn) at a liquidation/surplus store. I have too many markers to be able to afford otherwise, lol. Some of them have a divider that could be sewn with loops for barrels.
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Are there any good multi-marker bags out there made for other applications, like photography or something, and sold for cheap on eBay? I've got an old Redz bag that has dividers to hold three of them and I wish I had another one or two like that.
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I go to winners and look at their mens shoulder bags or travel bags. They often have multiple large compartments to keep your barrels from dinging your marker, and smaller compartments for parts/allan keys/orings/lube etc. If they have a handle or shoulder sling i usually just cut that off to keep them small.

Typical cost is about $20 - $30 canadian and they make excellent marker bags.

If i get lazy i just use a dollar store neoprene laptop bag.
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The more I look, the more I want a DURABLE yet compact rolling plastic case. I also now consider it mandatory that when I do get it, I will get a padlock and chain, as I keep seeing reports of theft at events. I would be nice to not have to disassembly the markers... but a rolling case/bag is growing on me.

I currently carry a largish military day pack, but also have to harry my T15 case and marker and often boots separately and rig separately etc. If I could squeeze this down into something more compact and thought out I would do it.

(magazines of at least 3 different guns take up space).
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