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Two tricks I learnd with the T stock. First one is the T buttstoc will bolt on a fixed L stock. Also if you put the T stock adjustment nut tight then rotate the stock vertically using the grip frame as leverage it will stay tight.

I run a fixed T stock on my phantom. You can buy just the back from CCI that’s what I did.

You could even do an adjustable L stock if you wanted to.
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Simplicity, reliability, novelty. I love the Sniper platform and honestly shoot better with it, and I have owned many Phantoms and often feel like I can't hit the broadside of a barn with them sometimes, but I refuse to give up. My days of playing have slimmed down big time and I have opted to only go to one field which has a great lay out, good paint for a fair price, but 90%+ of the players are rentals. Plus, this place is by event only so you have to show up when they have something on their calendar. For me, the Phantom is perfect for this scenario. I don't doubt I'll get the itch and grab another Sniper set up down the road, but just no need to fling much paint or carry much gear.

Like the OP, I am around the same age (30) and while it isn't "old", I am also starting to feel things changing in the bod. Keeping things light and tight is becoming the preference. Less is more.

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