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OK! I'm curious why people regard Phantoms so highly. To start off, I've been playing since 2002 and been in/out of a couple teams, mainly scenario. I use a custom built sniper when I do play pump, but play mainly mech. I've been going to Splat-Tag in Hudson, WI for about 10yrs now (for those who don't know, they put all their fields together for "giant" big games, totals ~200 acres) to play big games. I'm starting to hit paintball a bit harder than in recent years as I just hopped on a scenario/woods team local to the field. I'm only 32, but I'm feeling it. Chronic low back & knee pains, not to mention a surgery on my right foot a few years ago... So I was tossing around ideas for lighter setups and I splurged on a brand new Etek 5 and I'm loving it for when I want to sling the paint. But I want to get lighter and I want to convert my sniper to a full cocker. Not to mention the sniper is a full-size AIM body with a Powerlye frame- not exactly light.

I've owned 2 Phantoms in the past- a VSC and a RF w/bottomline. Couldn't get the hang of the VSC (I just prefer constant air and a hopper up top) and I thought the RF was unremarkable. I guess I just don't understand why people hold them in such high regard. I don't think I'm being ignorant on this, as I've owned 2 of them in the past... Then again, I didn't get too deep into pump until I got my sniper.

So is it just me? I'm thinking of giving thems another go in an effort to lessen the effects of those all-day paintball games, but I'm just not sure. It's been a number of years since I had either of them, so maybe I'd adapt? Am I the issue? Honestly, I'm not sure. I realize paintguns are largely a preference, but I have other motivations to consider as well.

TL;DR - Phantoms seem ideal for someone in my bodily condition and for the long games I play. I'm just not sure what makes them so magical.

Feel free to criticize me as you please, lol.
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I’ve always wondered about the draw to phantoms myself. They’re certainly nothing to look at. I’ve never shot one though.

Side note: people are always trying shave off ounces on their markers. I don’t get itZ do you really think a pound difference (and that’s extreme) makes a difference? I shoot an RsX and a ton of Impulses/angel. There is no noticeable weight different running during game play.
Maybe that’s a topic for a different thread.

Good post, looking forward to seeing replies on phantoms.
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I love my VSC phantom. It’s the only marker I wouldn’t part with if I had to choose. It feels right to me, and pointing for snap shots is completely natural. But I also prefer Honda over Harley and Martin over Taylor. I feel in the end that’s what it comes down to. Find what works for you and run with it.
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Either you love the phantom or you hate them. I can't shoot one to save my life. i have tried and it just doesnt work for me. I ended up with a s6.5 in my hands because i wanted something lighter and smaller. seems to fit the bill for me.
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I too have always admired them with the fancy anodizing, but I've owned two as well and just don't like the way they feel or shoot. I've owned a Sniper 2 since '93 and will never walk away from the stacked tube design. It works for me and my size, 6' 210lbs. While it isn't the lightest pump, I've never cared about the weight because I carry real guns for a living. So all paintguns feel light after carrying a M4 all day.
So yeah, why the mystique around Phantoms?
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From what you've written I'm guessing it comes down to stack tube vs single tube markers. If the single tube of a phantom doesn't work for you have you tried any of the lightweight stack tube options? KP3 and empire sniper come to mind.

As for why I like phantoms? I prefer the single tube, I find it easier and quicker to aim but that is HIGHLY subjective. I also appreciate the modular setup I have. With my VSC phantom I can add a bottom line with two screws. Add a hopper with one screw although I really wish it was two. Changing out the pump handle is even fairly simple. It just works for me and that is it. Nobody in my area shoots a single tube and they all think I'm crazy for selling off my cocker so quick. I think you are the problem with not liking phantoms but it would take some mental gymnastics to explain how that's a bad thing.

On a side note have you tried going to a chiropractor? I had quite the scare last year with back pain, almost sold all my paintball and camping stuff. Found a chiropractor that works well for me and the difference is nice and day. Now if only I could get a few pounds off me that would be even better.
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I can't shoot a Sniper well. I never could. I can shoot Phantoms though. I just guess it's personal preference.
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I like my phantom setups for their weight, size, how modular they are and that I can still get parts for them.

If I want to run a phantom stock class, RF, LF, CF or spring feed I can do so by changing out the body and feed. I personally like them with the undercocking kits as they are more comfortable to me in hand, probably because it is close to the feel of a cocker pump in that way.

You can get them set up to how you want to run it that day as there are just so many ways it can be set up. You can run full open class with a hopper and tank or true VSC by swapping out the body, feed and ASA line. Plus one doesn't have to have a special tool to work on them or balance any valves/regs. Just a pick up and go marker, and that is all I have time for right now

As someone who plays scenarios as well, a pound less in your hands can go a long way after 8 hours of play.
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Phantoms do a simple job and do it well, that's really it.

Everything else is just getting used to using them. They feel and shoots significantly differently than stacked tube guns which is why I think a lot of people struggle using them, I sure do.
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without a doubt comes down to preference.
I can honestly say I shoot more accurately with my phantom over my T2 (as much as that hurts to admit) .. a $200 gun vs. a $600 gun.. but both are a blast to use!
simplicity and weight were also just a few other reasons I am drawn into them.
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