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I think context is important here. If this were a local event, or 3-man or woodsball, why the hell not? I just donít think itís a wise choice or fair to your teammates to do it at nxl.
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Traditional mechs are pretty hard to get up to 10 BPS, especially in a tourney condition (As opposed standing still in an open field purposely working on ROF), but newer mechanical spoolers like the Gmek or the Shocker CVO can push that without much work. IIRC, the Legacy Mods Gtek 160R mech conversion is actually banned in mech tournies because it can be walked just like the regular electro version.

So using old-school mechs, you're going to be pretty slow, but some of the newer electros that just replace the solenoid with a mechanically actuated one are pretty workable alongside regular electros.
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As has been said before itís not just an ROF thing. Electros now are gentler on paint, extremely consistent, no chance of chopping or short stroking, and smaller/lighter.

Also on ROF, there are absolutely guys that can shoot 10bps but itís not at all consistent or for a long time. See willballforsoup on YouTube shooting a mech eclipse cocker. You can sometimes keep up but not all the time. That small disadvantage along with all the other ones means just go pick up a used G6r or Etek and have a good time
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It’s been great to hear all the comments!!! I love it!

Wunder, it was actually never meant as a serious offer to my friend. I kind of said it believing he’d never go along with it. To my surprise he called my bluff. But it started the conversation for me and made me curious. As far as actually playing the nxl, naw. I don’t want to have to start from the bottom and work my way up again. Plus. I just don’t want to get back into tournaments. I just want to keep sight of what got me into paintball, which is just the fun and pure love of it. I guess that’s why initially I thought about using a cocker in tournaments. I just thought, “how fun would that be?” Especially if one could hold their own. Hahahahaha.
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If you aren't having fun, then why bother?

If playing mechanical in a world of electros brings you joy then go for it. Unless you are playing at the top levels of tourney paintball, there is no reason you can't have success using a mechanical 'gun. You will have to work a bit harder than the other's but it sounds like that isn't news to you.

Just have fun and shoot what you want.
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Gotcha. Iím a mech/pump guy myself with no itch to play competitively ever again. I love being able to show up to a field by myself and just casually jump in with whoever is there. Glad you are finding your happy place in the sport!
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Go for it for local tournaments or "fun" tournaments. I think it would be too large of a handicap to your team on a competitive level any higher than local for all the reasons above, the biggest being stamina and lack of eyes.

I do want to stress the fact that I would even consider using one in a local tournament where a chuck of $ isn't on the line.
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I've seen it done. At an obvious handicap, but they remain competitive by virtue of their skill/experience level.
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Just have fun. Isn't that what this (and life) should be all about?
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Yeah but it sucks to pay a bunch of money to participate in a tournament and lose out in prelims. If you get knocked out early you aren't getting your moneys worth.
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