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Action Markers Last Hurrah, the Diadem.

This review was made possible by the MCB community and as always I'm eternally grateful. Action Markers might be more famous for its illusion and sentinel guns, but it went out with a bang in the Diadem. From what I can see, it was an 'okay' gun, but feel free to tell me otherwise if you think I'm wrong, I honestly never heard much about AM when I was getting into paintball in 04/05.
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Always wanted one if these but it's just one of those markers thats collectible and thats it
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Kevin I love your videos so much lol
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Nice video! It always pays to do your research.
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Now you might be wondering how well this beast from the east shoots. Well, I donít know. As it stands now, I canít get the internals back in.
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This was a fantastic gun at the time. I loved the ergonomics.
Probably it's greatest attribute was being able to program bps - it was very customizable.

Window to the board was badass. Used .45 grips despite the crazy trigger frame. Threaded feedneck. Pre-tapped for an external LPR!

AND the greatest marketing video of all time.
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All I remember about the Diadem was it had the most silly bounce inducing trigger I'd ever shot. I did like the grip, too.
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There's a lot to be said for the drivetrain-efficient, smooth, robust. The frame design was just sloppy, though, never anything more than a Sentinel conversion kit. Rerouting the air lines and shrinking the board would have made a world of difference, taking over an inch off the height, an inch off the length, and improving the feel and maintainability. And yes - that trigger bounce was absurd. But the robust body and shot quality made up for the half - finished feel.

My favorite "almost there" gun of all time.

Edit: You really need an LPR to fully appreciate it.

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the oddballer
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I slapped a Karin reg on it now to instal an lpr and see if I can get it to shot Atleast as good as an impulse

Side not where do I shove the lpr out the front cap like an imp?
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I like Guns and Cigars.
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Yes, in the 1/8th NPT hole on the front of the VA.
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Very cool guns, a guy at a scenario actually recently had one.

Kevin, you need to do a review on my Torque.
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